Boston Celtics: Two Trades to Consider

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After falling to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics may very well consider trades this offseason to bolster their championship chances. They took a 2-1 lead over the Warriors but then lost three games in a row. The team holds plenty of talent, but other teams are going to improve so Boston must follow suit.

Boston Celtics: Two Trades to Consider

A Straight Swap

Boston Celtics receive Cameron Payne.

Phoenix Suns receive Daniel Theis.

Boston has a stud defensive player in Marcus Smart at point guard. He’ll be a starter. Derrick White is a strong bench player, although he’s not a true point guard. Payton Pritchard is the other option. Due to this, Boston can look for more help in the position. Payne holds plenty of recent playoff experience with Phoenix, so he can be a solid option for the Celtics. This past season, Payne averaged close to 11 points, five assists, and three boards per game. Payne was a rotational piece for Phoenix throughout the regular season, although was fazed out of the rotation in their series versus the Dallas Mavericks. Perhaps Phoenix is ready to move on.

It looks increasingly likely that Deandre Ayton will be departing the Suns this offseason. Due to this, they’ll be looking for a center. Theis isn’t necessarily a franchise-changing player, but he’s a solid piece overall. Last season, while splitting time on different teams, Theis averaged about eight points, five boards, and a block per game. He’s capable of more as well should he start. The Suns have plenty of offensive firepower, so finding a decently reliable center with defensive prowess will be on their to-do list should Ayton leave. Theis can temporarily fill the hole.

More Backcourt Help

Boston Celtics receive Eric Bledsoe.

Portland Trail Blazers receive Daniel Theis and Aaron Nesmith.

It’s likely Portland wants to rid themselves of Bledsoe’s contract. They’re looking to spend this offseason building around Damian Lillard. Bledsoe looks like a shadow of his former self now, but perhaps a change of scenery is what’s needed. Backing up Smart, while also playing alongside White off the bench, is just what he needs. Bledsoe isn’t a starter anymore, although being a role player on a championship contender is fitting for him. He can initiate the offense in the second unit, while also having the ability to play stern defense. His contract isn’t ideal, but it’s a gamble worth taking for Boston as they now know they’re ready for championship contention.

It’s no sure thing that Portland will retain Jusuf Nurkic this offseason. Even if they do, they could use depth and help throughout the roster. Theis, of course, brings this. Possibly rotating between Nurkic and Theis is a very respectable center rotation and may keep Lillard content. Nesmith never quite lived up to expectations as a former lottery pick. With that being said, he’s still just 22 years old and has plenty of time to make a name for himself as a rotational player. Perhaps the chance is there in Portland. One thing’s for certain, however, – Nesmith can shoot.