2022 NBA Draft: Three Intriguing Trades

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The 2022 NBA Draft is rife with top prospects, meaning there will be an endless possibility for trades. Teams will look to move up, down, or trade picks for proven stars. Here are three intriguing trade ideas.

Three Possible 2022 NBA Draft Trades

Charlotte Moves for a Center

Charlotte Hornets receive Myles Turner and Duane Washington Jr.

Indiana Pacers receive PJ Washington, Mason Plumlee, and the Hornets’ 13th overall pick.

It’s clear as day that the Hornets need help at center. Charlotte is home to a stellar offense with a star in LaMelo Ball, meaning adding a game-changing center can vault the team into the playoffs. Turner averaged about 13 points, seven boards, and three blocks per game last season. He’ll completely revolutionize the Hornets’ defense and will also bring in strong offense abilities. Washington Jr. also showed flashes of being a solid guard off the bench.

First off, Indiana gets Plumlee to fill their center void with Turner leaving. Considering they’re trending towards a rebuild, Indiana can flip Plumlee for other assets down the line. Washington is a great young piece to receive. He’s showing improvement year by year, is extremely versatile on defense, and is growing offensively. Washington is a surefire starter down the line. Finally, the 13th pick will prove to be valuable in a deep draft class. This will give Indiana two lottery picks.

Portland Gains Talent

Portland Trail Blazers receive Jerami Grant.

Detroit Pistons receive Eric Bledsoe and the Trail Blazer’s 7th overall pick.

Portland cleaned up this past season but kept Damian Lillard. This means they’re not committing to a rebuild. Should they re-sign Anfernee Simons, the team should look to add more talent and return to the playoffs. Although the seventh pick is valuable, Portland can speed up their timeline with Grant. This past season he averaged 19 points per game but dealt with injury and trade rumors. The season prior, Grant averaged 22 points per game. He’s a strong offensive weapon to add to Lillard and possibly Simons and Jusuf Nurkic.

Detroit does this to have the fifth and seventh pick in the draft. They’re going to build around Cade Cunningham, so it’s wise to add young talent to fit the timeline. Having two top seven picks should assure Detroit at least one true difference-maker. Bledsoe moves as a contract Portland dumps, but he’s also a veteran who can help Detroit.

San Antonio Goes Big

San Antonio Spurs receive Deandre Ayton via sign-and-trade.

Phoenix Suns receive Jakob Poeltl, Doug McDermott, and the Spurs’ 20th and 25th overall picks.

After their playoff failure, a Suns and Ayton divorce looks inevitable. Given the fact that Ayton is a restricted free agent, the Suns will look to get something in return for losing him. Ayton is also a strong fit for the Spurs, so there will be interest.

Ayton joins the core of Dejounte Murray and a number of young Spurs talent. In addition, the Spurs also have the ninth overall pick to add another game-changer. They can quickly rebuild with these moves.

This is also a solid move for the Suns instead of losing Ayton for nothing. Poeltl is a very viable option to start as he averaged about 14 points, nine boards, and two blocks per game. He’s an underrated center. McDermott will be a solid scoring option off the bench. Finally, Phoenix adds two first-round picks to add players who can help now and in the future.