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Dallas Mavericks vs Phoenix Suns Game Seven Prediction

Luka Doncic vs the Phoenix Suns in Game 7

Here is an overview of the Dallas vs Phoenix Game seven prediction. The Dallas Mavericks will play Game Seven of the semi-final rounds in the Western Conference against the Phoenix Suns at Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday evening. The Mavericks forced Game 7 after clobbering the Suns to a score of 113-86 at American Airlines Center, Thursday night.

Dallas Mavericks vs Phoenix Suns Game Seven Prediction

The Dallas Mavericks dealt the Suns an embarrassing defeat in Game 6. Phoenix suffered the humiliation of being routed on a huge deficit by the Mavericks. Dallas’ Luka Doncic delivered 33 points, 11 rebounds, and eight dimes followed by Reggie Bullock with19 with 5 of 11 from 3-point range. PG Jalen Brunson scored 18 while PG Spencer Dinwiddie had a series-high of 15 points (five of seven from beyond the arc).

Doncic is Unguardable

There seems to be no answer to Doncic’s domination in the paint over the Suns. The 23-year-old went to the locker with an apparent leg injury in the second quarter. However, he came back and continued where he left off to lead Dallas to victory. His technique and versatility make him difficult to guard. Moreover, this is what scares NBA defenders against the small forward.

The Phoenix Suns Have to Get Their Acts Together

Meanwhile, The Phoenix Suns are having issues of their own after losing to Dallas in Game 4. PG Chris Paul did not deliver the way he used to in his past matches with the Mavericks. For instance, Paul played miserably in their recent loss. His mind was on fans harassing his family; hence, he fouled out in just 23 minutes and one second of play.

Chris Paul’s Problems in Dallas vs Phoenix Games 3 and 4

The Phoenix Suns need Paul to play better to ensure that they get back to their winning ways like in Games one and two.

There were two significant issues on Paul that led to their losses. Firstly, his turnovers in Game 3. And secondly, his fouls in Games three and four. He committed all seven of his turnovers in the first half of Game 3. And on Friday, he picked up four fouls during the first half of Game 4. Lastly, the final foul came with 1.1 seconds left in the second quarter.

Dallas and Phoenix Game Seven Prediction Heading for an Explosive Conclusion

Now that the Suns are back, both squads are in for a close finale that will electrify seats in Phoenix. Two head-strong contingents will battle it out with the Finals slot at stake in the Western Conference. In conclusion, whoever makes it out will have the Miami Heat to contend with.

Dallas Mavericks vs  Phoenix Suns. The NBA Pick for this game is Phoenix Suns.

Time: 8:00 PM ET

Location: Footprint Center in Phoenix, AZ

Date: Sunday, May 15, 2022 TV: TNT

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