What’s at Stake In Jazz vs Mavericks

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 The worst part about the NBA playoffs is the realization that there will always be eight first-round exits. This often sets up scenarios in which two teams who are expected to make it deep in the playoffs have to leave early. There are many instances of this in the playoffs this year. A prime example is the reigning champion Milwaukee Bucks, who face the Chicago Bulls. Many had hoped Chicago would make it past the first round after their impressive start to the season. The fact that one of those two teams will miss a chance to keep going after this round is disappointing. However, the focus of the article is to direct the possible implications of a Utah Jazz victory and compare them with those of a Dallas Mavericks victory.

What’s at Stake In Jazz vs Mavericks

Potential Repercussions of a Jazz Victory

Where Does Luka Stand?

After missing games one and two of the playoffs, the Mavericks enter the offseason with the same question they have had for years. How should can we build a title contender with Luka Doncic as our star? Figuring out the answer to this question will remain difficult, considering there is no real formula to build around a player. However, when it comes to Luka, he may have to assess his future with the Mavericks. A third straight first-round exit for Doncic will certainly be frustrating, and he may begin to contemplate a trade request. It is not expected, likely, or even rumored, but a first-round exit could easily cause concern in Luka’s camp.

Does Jason Kidd Get a Second Season?

Jason Kidd coached the Mavericks to his 3rd winning season in 6 as a head coach. His coaching feats were impressive, but Kidd’s prowess has yet to emerge in the playoffs. If Kidd fails to win a playoff series with this roster, it could prove fatal for his tenure as a Maverick. While it is incredibly unlikely that the team moves on from Kidd after a single season, a severe loss could force the Mavericks to consider a multitude of changes, and the head coaching position could be one of them.

Will Jalen Brunson Remain a Maverick?

After impressive performances in games one and two, interest will run high for the Mavericks point guard this offseason. Jalen Brunson has already been rumored to be traded this offseason, and teams are seriously considering him as a candidate to fill their point guard role next season. An unsuccessful playoff run will force the front office to consider reworking their roster. Brunson’s departure could create more freedom for the Mavericks to make moves to improve come summertime.

What are the potential repercussions of a Mavericks’ victory?

Could the Jazz blow it up?

Rumors of Donovan Mitchell requesting a trade could continue to circulate if the Jazz suffer from their third first-round exit in four seasons. Mitchell has been linked to the Knicks due to his father’s presence in the New York Mets front office. A loss to the Mavericks could force the Jazz to hit the rebuild button. This could also mean that Jazz center Rudy Gobert could be on his way out. These two players are few of the many who could be playing elsewhere next season if the Jazz lose.

Will the Mavericks Make a Push?

The Mavericks have looked good all year, and a win for them would be a cherry on top. The chance to take down a team like the Jazz would give them the confidence to go out and make a roster that can help Luka win as soon as possible. This win would also give them the justification to give up future assets in order to make trades, which could help the Mavericks contend as soon as next season.

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