Dallas Mavericks: Two Trades to Fix the Team

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The Dallas Mavericks are in somewhat of a disarray. Luka Doncic is still great, Kristaps Porzingis is better than last season, and Jalen Brunson is a major bench threat. The rest of the team, however, has been vastly disappointing. Their defense and shooting really leave a lot to be desired, and for that reason, the Mavericks are floating around in mediocrity in the Western Conference. Doncic instantly makes any team a contending threat, so the Mavericks must strengthen the roster around him. Here’s a couple of ideas.

Dallas Mavericks: Two Trades to Fix the Team

A Texas Swap

The trade: Dallas sends Dwight PowellTrey BurkeJosh Green, and two second-round picks to the Houston Rockets for Eric Gordon and Danuel House.

Houston has been better lately, racking up wins and looking like the most in-form team in Texas. With that being said, this is still a rebuilding squad aimed for the future. Gordon does not fit that timeline.

For the entirety of his NBA career, Gordon’s been a scorer. That’s what the Mavericks need right now. He’s averaging 14 points per game this season, and although he may receive less time in Dallas, his skills are very much needed. The “unattractive” part of a Gordon deal is his contract. He gets paid over $18 million this season and $19 million next season. His contract for 2023, worth nearly $21 million, is not guaranteed unless he plays a combined 750 minutes in the regular season and playoffs and if the Rockets win the championship. This season and next is fine for committing to Gordon. House is another “three-and-d” threat that will surely be welcomed in Dallas. It never hurts to have solid wings.

Houston does this for assets. Powell and Burke make the salaries work, and may be of use to the team. Green, however, is just in his second year. He’s still very much a project, but one with very promising athleticism. The added second-round picks are always solid future assets.

Strengthening Depth

The trade: Dallas sends Powell and Green to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Derrick Favors and Kenrich Williams.

In this trade, Dallas sends out Powell and Green like the former. Powell is known as an all-around good guy and excellent leader, which will definitely be seen as valuable to the young Thunder squad. Green adds to the Thunder’s young core, and they’ll be able to offer him plenty more playing time than what should be a contending team in the Mavericks.

Favors is a strong addition to Dallas. He has plenty of playoff experience in the Western Conference, and can certainly start at center for the team. He remains a tough defender and can score in the interior. His contract also expires the same year as Powell’s, so it doesn’t create any flexibility issues for the future.

Williams would be a very underrated add for Dallas. He’s a very solid defender, excellent shooter, and all-around hustler. Williams fits the bill for the ideal “glue guy,” which is something nearly every successful NBA team has.

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