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Early Look at Potential Buyout Candidates

Last season we saw Blake Griffin be bought out and make a tremendous impact on the Brooklyn Nets. In this article, we take an early look at potential buyout candidates who could help a championship-contending team.

Early Look at Potential Buyout Candidates

1. John Wall

John Wall, the former Wizards superstar could be bought out by the Houston Rockets. Even at the age of 31, Wall can offer a lot to a championship-contending team. This offseason it was reported that Wall and the Rockets came to an agreement that he would not play but instead mentor the young players on the roster. With his injury prior injury history, Wall may be more attractive to teams after this rest and recovery time period. Last season, Wall averaged 20.6 points and 6.9 assists per game, all be it on a lowly Rockets team. Wall can still offer an ability to get downhill and collapse defenses while kicking the ball out to spot-up shooters on the perimeter. He would be tremendous at orchestrating and leading a bench unit.

2. Kevin Love

Kevin Love, the 5 time NBA All-Star and 2016 NBA Champion, is on a rebuilding Clevland Cavaliers team at the age of 33. Surprisingly enough, so far this season Kevin Love is actually playing significant minutes for this Cavaliers team averaging 20.7 minutes per game. However, it is unlikely this will continue with the emergence of Evan Mobley and the depth of the Cavs overall frontcourt. If Love does in fact get bought out he will offer a championship-contending team a lot of versatility. This season, Kevin Love is averaging 9.9 points and 7.3 rebounds per game. As a career 36.9% three-point shooter, Love can stretch the floor playing either the center or power forward position. Kevin Love would also add championship pedigree to a roster and help show a team the way towards winning.

3. Thaddeus Young

Thaddeus Young has almost completely fallen out of the young and rebuilding San Antonio Spurs rotation. Young, a tremendous role-player, would be welcomed with open arms by any contending NBA team. Throughout his career, Young has always excelled at being a versatile defender as well as a decent three-point shooter. Young is also a good post player and driver of the basketball. On a championship-contending team, Thaddeus Young will likely be a backup power forward or center.

4. Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic has completely fallen out of the Toronto Raptors’ current rotation. Two NBA seasons ago and a little over a year in actual days, Goran Dragic was arguably the Miami Heat’s best player in the Orlando Bubble. Dragic did it all for the Heat as he could play make as well as score the ball. In the bubble, Dragic averaged 19.1 points and 4.4 assists per game. While Dragic may have lost a step defensively he definitely has not forgotten how to fill it up. Dragic could be used on a championship-contending team as a point guard who leads the second unit. He can also be used either on the ball or off-ball as he is a tremendous shooter, shooting 36.4% percent from three throughout his career.

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