Another Ben Simmons Trade Idea:  Simmons to Cleveland

Ben Simmons
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It seems that the hottest topic around the NBA right now is the Ben Simmons situation in Philadelphia.  Simmons has made it clear that he wants out and does not intend to play for the Sixers ever again.  The fact that Simmons is a former Number 1 pick, three-time all-star, and is only 25 years old, makes him a hot commodity.  Every team in the league should at least consider a way to make it happen.  One trade idea that would help both sides is a Simmons to Cleveland trade.

Ben Simmons to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers Receive: Collin Sexton and Kevin Love

Why Cleveland Makes This Trade

The Cavaliers have a roster comprised of three point guards – Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, and Ricky Rubio. They have four bigs to play two spots – Kevin Love, Jarrett Allen, Lauri Markkanen, and rookie Evan Mobley. That is seven players that probably all deserve minutes.  This trade would allow the Cavs to make things less crowded at those positions. Steph Curry is projecting Garland to be a star.  And Rubio gives them a great veteran back-up.

The trade would also allow the Cavs to move on from Kevin Love’s contract, and open up minutes for Markkanen. The 4 and 5 spot minutes could be shared among Markkanen, Allen, and Mobley. I like Love, but the Cavs are building for the future, and he doesn’t fit the timeline. They can add Ben Simmons as a wing/point forward. This balances the roster much better, with a young core of Simmons, Garland, Allen, Mobley, and Markkanen.  Simmons becomes the face of the franchise and joins an exciting young team on the rise.

Why Philadelphia Makes This Trade

If the Sixers have to trade Simmons, then they will need a PG. Sexton gives them an explosive scorer, which would be a pick and roll nightmare for defenses, with Joel Embiid Sexton is great off the dribble, and his shot will keep improving with age. Love would give them a great veteran with championship experience. Philly would have a lineup of Sexton, Seth Curry, Danny Green, Tobias Harris, Embiid, and Love. Certainly, this would still give Philly a legit contender. Simmons is a 3-time all-star, but Sexton is younger, and very well could be an all-star as soon as this year.

The Result

Philly gets a solid veteran, a future all-star, and remains in the championship hunt. Cleveland gets a young star to build around, and balances the roster, and improves their future. Clearly, both teams win. Of all the trade ideas floating around, this one may make the most sense.

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