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Three Most Improved NBA Teams

This offseason was shaping up to be rather slow, especially with a weak free-agent class. With that being said, there were a number of unexpected moves and ones that definitely improved certain teams. Take a look at the three most improved NBA teams this offseason.

Three Most Improved NBA Teams this Offseason

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors have been out of the picture, for the most part, for the last couple of seasons. They made the play-in last season but were essentially a one-man show with Stephen Curry. That changes now.

The biggest factor is the return of Klay Thompson. No, it’s not an acquisition move, but the Warriors welcome back one of the top shooters of all time. Not only will he drain 20+ points per game, but he’ll also open up the court for Curry again. His return is one of the top storylines in the league.

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Golden State also picked up two great rookies in Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody. At worst, they’ll be decent bench players. With their potential, however, they can quickly explode onto the scene, especially in this wide-open offense.

The Warriors also made shrewd signings in Otto Porter Jr.Andre Iguodala, and Nemanja Bjelica. Porter Jr. can re-ignite his career as a stud shooter, Iguodala knows this team well and is one of the top leaders in the league, and Bjelica is one of the better backup forward options in the league.

Golden State is back, and it’s only a matter of time until they have a championship in their sights once again.

New York Knicks

The team everybody loves to hate has been making smart moves for a couple of offseasons now. Last season the Knicks finally made the playoffs once again, focusing heavily on defense while Julius Randle exploded onto the scene as a number one option. Their defense and hustle were impeccable, but the Knicks lacked consistent offensive production. They made moves to change this.

First off, New York signed Evan Fournier. They likely overpaid the French guard, but he shined in the Olympics, especially versus the USA. More than that, Fournier is a very consistent scorer who seems to average between 18-20 points per game every season. This offseason would be another story if this was the only move the Knicks made, but then a gift fell onto their lap.

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Kemba Walker was bought out by the Oklahoma City Thunder, and New York quickly picked him up for cheap. Walker’s play is falling, but New York is the perfect place for him to get a jumpstart. Madison Square Garden is home-away-from-home for Walker, and he’s also playing with limited pressure as he’s no longer on a massive contract. Furthermore, he’ll constantly rotate with Derrick Rose, forming a solid point guard rotation.

After re-signing Rose, the Knicks also made wise moves to keep Nerlens NoelAlec Burks, and Taj Gibson.

The Most Improved NBA Team – Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers could’ve done nothing and remained a championship contender. That’s what having LeBron James and Anthony Davis does. After an injury-riddled season, the Lakers decided to swing for the fences.

First off, they acquired Russell Westbrook in a massive trade. Although his fit may be questioned, Westbrook remains one of the top players in the league. He’ll figure out his role and do it well. More than that, with his career winding down, this is Westbrook’s last chance to really compete for a ring. He’s going to be as hungry as it gets.

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After that, the Lakers really went through the veteran market. Carmelo AnthonyDwight HowardRajon RondoTrevor ArizaKent Bazemore, and Wayne Ellington have all joined. Ariza, Bazemore, and Ellington will perform “three-and-d” duties. Anthony, finally playing alongside James, will be a consistent scorer. Howard provides a veteran presence inside and is back for another championship. Rondo, an integral piece to the Lakers’ last championship as well, comes back for more.

Kendrick Nunn and Malik Monk are also great additions. Both players are a lot better than the roles they’re going to have, which just shows how deep the Lakers are.

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