Are the Los Angeles Lakers too Old to Win Title?

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The Los Angeles Lakers are by far the oldest team in the NBA. The average age of the new Big Three, in Lebron James (36), Russell Westbrook (32), and Anthony Davis (28), is 32 years old. When combined with their current roster, and the two most recent free agent signees in Kendrick Nunn (26) and Malik Monk (23), the roster truly is old. The age of the NBA veterans the Lakers signed throughout free agency brings the team’s average age to 31.8 years. This easily makes them the oldest team in the NBA by far. The closest team to Los Angeles in terms of average roster age is the Utah Jazz, whose team average age is 28.9 years. Does this make the Lakers too old to win, much less contend for an NBA Championship?

Lakers Trade for Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers decided to completely reimagine their roster once deciding to trade for Westbrook, acquiring him from the Washington Wizards. The Lakers believe that his dynamic playmaking ability, despite his age and poor perimeter shooting, will be a great addition to the oldest team in the league. Westbrook is famously known for his ability to average triple-doubles to fans who wait until the NBA Playoffs begin to pay closer attention to the NBA. Lakers fans know Westbrook is an extremely high competitor.

Other Key Veterans Added

Other veteran additions signed by Lakers General Manager, Rob Pelinka, include Carmelo Anthony (37), Trevor Ariza (36), and Kent Bazemore (32). Anthony spent his two previous seasons playing with the Portland Trailblazers. After being out of the league for over a year, he found a new home in Portland. Anthony finally settled in as a role player, after being the primary player for most of his career. Ariza is a two-way player who impacts the game both defensively and offensively. Bazemore can stretch the floor as well as he averages 36% shooting from beyond the arc for his career.

Lakers Expectations from Anthony

In the two seasons since his return to the NBA with the Trailblazers, he averaged just over 14 points and close to 5 rebounds per game. He played in 138 games (including the postseason) over his span of two seasons for Portland while starting in 66 games. Anthony accepted another change in roles last season when he was asked to come off of the bench for Portland. He only started three games for the Trailblazers in the 2020-2021 season. Anthony will play a similar role for the Lakers after leaving Portland to play alongside his longtime friend, Lebron James. The team expects him to be a major contributor off the bench. He has the ability to make timely shots, especially the corner three, which he mastered in Portland.

Will the Lakers Be Able to Win an NBA Title?

The Big Three for Los Angeles will play a major role in the team’s overall success (or failure). The goal of every team at the beginning of Training Camp is to capture the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. The key to the Lakers’ chances relies heavily on health come postseason. If one of the players in Head Coach Frank Vogel’s rotation is injured, the odds of the Lakers being crowned NBA Champions drops dramatically. Regardless of overall roster age, the Lakers will open the season as co-favorites to win the NBA Title. Assuming the players buy into their roles, look for the Lakers to vie for not only a Western Conference Finals victory, but also an NBA Title.


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