Philadelphia 76ers Re-tool: Grading Moves by New Front Office

From management to coaching, the Philadelphia 76ers made wholesale changes this off-season hiring Doc Rivers as its new Head Coach and Daryl Morey as President of Basketball Operations. The Sixers have been very disappointing the past two seasons after a promising run in 2018 behind Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Since then, Philadelphia lost in the second round to the Toronto Raptors (2019) and first-round to the Boston Celtics (2020).

With Morey now in Philadelphia’s front office, the Sixers were very aggressive this Free Agency. The franchise had two goals this off-season: move Al Horford‘s contract and acquire three-point shooting for spacing around Embiid and Simmons

After two mediocre off-seasons by General Manager Elton Brand, the Sixers were much more intentional with their signings. Did Philadelphia achieve its goals? Let’s take a look.

Philadelphia 76ers Re-tool: Grading Moves by New Front Office

Danny Green

Shooting guard Danny Green arrives in Philadelphia after winning the 2020 NBA Championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. The 34-year-old remains one of the better three and D wings in the league despite losing a step the past couple of seasons. Still, Green was a key cog of the Lakers rotation finishing the season averaging 8.8 points and 3.3 rebounds on 41.6 percent shooting and 36.7 percent from three.

Green was the target of unacceptable criticism following bouts of inconsistency. Lakers fans heavily criticized the veteran to the point where his wife received death threats. Lakers fans ought to be embarrassed and the Lakers did the right thing moving him on to another team.

The Sixers killed two birds with one stone in this deal, moving on from a bloated Al Horford contract for a proven two-way player. A 2025 first and 2020 second-round pick was a small price to pay for Green’s championship pedigree.

Grade: B+

Terrance Ferguson

When Terrance Ferguson entered the NBA in 2017, the Oklahoma City Thunder thought they found their future three and D wing. The 22-year-old showed flashes as a rookie and took a leap forward in year two as the starting shooting guard. However, year three was a different story as Ferguson dealt with numerous charges off-court. The young wing is now cleared and can move on with his basketball career.

Philadelphia picked up a steal in the Al Horford trade if Ferguson can focus on basketball full-time. He is a fantastic on-ball defender, an elite athlete, and has a quick trigger shooting the rock. His career 33.7 percent three-point shooting percentage is not a true indicator of his shooting ability. Although streaky, Ferguson shot 36.6 percent in the 2018-19 regular season and 39 percent in the 2019 playoffs.

Ferguson is a buy low, high reward player with loads of potential. If Philadelphia can unlock him, he will ascend through the 76ers ranks very quickly.

Grade: B+

Seth Curry

As one of the NBA’s best three-point shooters last season, it was somewhat surprising the Dallas Mavericks traded Seth Curry. For Philadelphia, this was a tremendous pick-up and Curry has the chance to be the team’s sixth man and three-point specialist.

Every season, Curry is overlooked by teams despite possessing an elite shooting touch. He is able to create off the dribble, steady in pick and roll, and can catch fire in a hurry from the perimeter. Curry averaged 12.4 points on 49.5 percent shooting and an astounding 45.2 percent from three.

After failing to re-sign J.J. Redick in 2018, the Sixers have struggled to find an elite shooter to pair with Embiid and Simmons. Curry is that guy and acquiring him for Josh Richardson and Tyler Bey is an absolute steal.

Grade: A+

Dwight Howard

The Dwight Howard experience is the gift that keeps on giving. The future Hall of Famer announced a return to the Los Angeles Lakers before deleting promptly. A few minutes later, Howard announced he would become a Sixer to back-up Embiid. The big man had a resurgent season with the Lakers last year averaging 7.5 points and 7.3 points on an absurd 73.9 percent from the field.

Howard is still a formidable NBA player who can contribute to a winning team. He’s not the bouncy athlete he once was but he’s become more physical on the block. The 34-year-old is an ideal back-up to Embiid and can contribute right away. He’s a nice signing at the veteran minimum.

Grade: B+

Tony Bradley

Tony Bradley was surprisingly moved by the Utah Jazz to the Detroit Pistons before being acquired by Philadelphia for Zhaire Smith. At just 22-years-old, Bradley is a traditional center with an excellent motor and is extremely productive in limited minutes. In just 11.4 minutes, he averaged 4.9 points and 4.6 rebounds on 66.7 percent shooting.

There will be opportunities for Bradley to play given the injury history of both Embiid and Howard. He is an effective big man in spot minutes and a nice, lowkey pick-up by the Sixers.

Grade: B


Philadelphia’s off-season is exactly what fans and pundits have been screaming for. The need for outside shooting was obvious and it’s almost inconceivable that it took two seasons to address it.  Now, the Sixers are loaded across the board with a supporting cast that fits the skills of its stars.
Curry was arguably the best pick-up of the off-season and he is set for a tremendous year. Morey has had a positive effect in his first free agency with the Philadelphia 76ers and they are poised to take the league by storm.

Overall Grade: A

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