NBA History’s Top Six Dunks In-Game Through the Years

One of the most exciting plays in the world of sports is a slam dunk. In the NBA and in all of competitive basketball, dunks can be used to dominate opponents because it can change games. The most skillful dunkers utilize the dunk to intimidate the opposition and swing momentum in their favor. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who is formerly known as Lew Alcindor, was so dominant in terms of dunking the ball that the NCAA outlawed dunking from 1967-1976.

Dunk pioneers such as Julius Erving and Michael Jordan won many dunk competitions in their time. They also helped propel NBA basketball into the exciting game it is now. If a dunk has enough flare and is executed properly it can break open games. These dunks, in particular, did just that.

NBA History’s Top Six Dunks In-Game Through the Years

6. Michael Jordan’s Baseline dunk on Patrick Ewing

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest dunkers that the NBA has ever seen. He has many amazing dunks in his career. One of his most amazing dunks is the baseline dunk on Patrick Ewing. The battles between the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks were legendary in the 90s. The Bulls got the better of the Knicks more times than not. Although that is true there are a lot of good stories that come out of those games.

In this game, Jordan was on the baseline and seemed trapped. He was able to shake his opponent by faking to go back to the three-point line but instead drove to the basket. The result was a monstrous jam in New York that took the air out of the arena.

5. LeBron James Dunk on Jason Terry

The Miami Heat and Boston Celtics had great battles at the beginning of the decade. LeBron James took every game against his rival seriously as they were the team that sparked The Decision. In a nationally televised game in March the Heat were facing the Celtics. Dwayne Wade was able to steal the ball in the middle of the second quarter and passed to Mario Chalmers.

Chalmers passed to Norris Cole who then threw the lob to James. Jason Terry was too late on the jump and the result was a beautiful poster.

4. Scottie Pippen’s disrespectful dunk on Ewing

The Bulls and Knicks rivalry was so intense that sometimes it was literally a fight. Scottie Pippen took the rivalry to another level when he performed a remarkable poster on Patrick Ewing. It is one of the most disrespectful dunks in NBA history. Pippen had no regard for human life when he took off and dunked on the Knicks big. He added insult to injury when he pushed and stepped over Ewing. The swingman even had words for Knicks superfan Spike Lee.

3. Shaquille O’Neal Dunk on Chris Dudley

Anybody that remembers the heyday of Shaquille O’Neal knows he was one of the most dominant forces in NBA history. At one point in his career if he was able to back you down far enough it was an automatic two points. Chris Dudley was a victim of this when O’Neal backed him down and crushed him along with the rim. Shaq rubbed it in by pushing Dudley to the floor. When Dudley got up he looked noticeably infuriated and threw the ball at O’Neal.

2b. DeAndre Jordan dunk over Brandon Knight

Lob City was headlined by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. These two players were unstoppable when they hooked up for alley-oops. The secret weapon for the Lob City Los Angeles Clippers was DeAndre Jordan. Jordan caught a high lob from Chris Paul with two hands, looked at the ball and then slammed it with one hand. Brandon Knight just happened to be in his way but he was no formidable obstacle.

2a. Blake Griffin’s two dunks over Pau Gasol¬†

Blake Griffin in his prime put a lot of fear in his opponents. He has some of the most monstrous dunks in NBA history. His goal going into games was to put someone on a poster. Pau Gasol was a victim twice in the same game. The first time he caught Gasol trying to rebound the ball and just jumped behind him and manhandled the rim. The second time was off a pick and roll executed to perfection between him and Chris Paul. Griffin caught the pass and dunked through Gasol.

1. Vince Carter USA Dunk

Vince Carter in his prime put on a show with his leaping ability. His jam on Alonzo Mourning is an honorable mention. The performance in the 2000 dunk contest is the stuff of legends. Everybody remembers the arm in the rim dunk. The high flyer’s greatest jam came in an international matchup in the Olympics against France. Carter leaped over a seven-foot French player, put his hand on his head and proceeded to clear him for the dunk. It is the greatest in-game dunk ever.

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