Michael Jordan and His Massive Gambling Habit

Michael Jordan Massive gambling habit

There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of placing a bet on your favorite sports team, the sheer thrill of the anticipation. It’s a journey of emotional ups and downs. It will leave you either clutching your head in agony as the realization of the loss sets in or alternatively, jumping for joy as you come to terms with your unbelievable luck while looking to the heavens in appreciation. The chasing of this feeling knows no bounds and even Michael Jordan had a massive gambling habit.

Basketball’s Greatest Star and His Massive Gambling Habit

It comes as no surprise that at some point in our lives we are bound to experience this sense of utter jubilation or soul-crushing doom. These emotions go hand in hand with the world of betting. We can say that it may be the root cause of us seeking such thrills in the first place.

The issue of sports betting has been around for decades. It’s mostly been considered illegal in some countries like the US. However, it’s always been legal in others like our neighbors to the north in Canada. It was not until early 2018 that a law was passed making it completely legal in the United States. This can be attributed to an intervention by the state legislature of New Jersey and Governor Chris Christie that passed into law the legalization of sports betting in 2012 with regards to horse racing in New Jersey race tracks and Atlantic City Casinos. Thanks to them we are able to place bets worldwide on a variety of sporting events and today can even gamble at online casinos like in Canada.

There are countless stories of unimaginable losses. From players losing $5 million in a matter of hours. To millions being thrown away on the horses. The list is limitless and ever-growing. Here we are going to focus on none other than the world-famous Basketball guru and one-time actor Michael Jordan.

Having begun his career in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls in 1984, he was thrust into the spotlight at an early age. Being whisked away into a world of glitz, glamour and high rollers, it’s no wonder he makes the list of biggest losses in sports betting history.

Michael Jordan and His Penchant for Gambling on the Golf Course

It became known that Jordan had an insatiable thirst for betting on the golf course. He made a regular occurrence of, often making bets of $100,000 per hole. This is no doubt the manner in which he was able to incur an awe-inspiring debt of $ 1.2 million in a single game.

This specific event was actually the inspiration behind Jordan’s book titled, “Michael & Me: Our Gambling Addiction…My Cry For Help”. A book of memoirs dedicated to his gambling shenanigans. At the end of their 10-day golf betting extravaganza, however, Jordan was able to drop the loss to around $300,000. He was able to make good on his debt to the winner.

Michael Jordan’s Love for the Las Vegas Casinos

Yet another amazing loss by the infamous Michael Jordan was at a craps table in Las Vegas. The world-renowned basketball giant reportedly suffered a loss of nearly $5 million in a single night. However, that is chump change for one of the highest-paid players in NBA history. However, that would be definitely a life-changing figure for anyone else. The funny thing about the loss was that his friend had just won $1 million on the same table prior to Jordan’s heart sinking, money munching, dice throwing antics.

It was no secret Jordan’s penchant for gambling went with him everywhere. He was often found in the casinos until the early hours of the morning. He would be seen trying his hand at poker while the big game is only a couple hours away. Thank goodness the USA would usually go on to win over their competition overshadowing the late-night escapades of the legend.

So enthusiastic about betting he was, that he would make on the spot bets with teammates. They would bet on just about anything and everything. Whether putting $100 down on whose bag would come out first or wagering a cool $100,000 on a single hole on the golf course, Michael Jordan was undoubtedly an avid gambler searching for his next thrill and will always be remembered, hopefully not for his $1.2 million dollar golfing bet, but for being the greatest of all time.

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