NBA Rumors: DeAndre Jordan, Brook Lopez to the Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Rumors could involve DeAndre Jordan

The Los Angeles Lakers will do everything they can to surround Anthony Davis and LeBron James with the right pieces to compete for a championship. But what will they do? Sign a third superstar? Collect a number of decent role players? NBA rumors surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers include DeAndre Jordan and Brook Lopez.

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Rumors

The Los Angeles Lakers Are Interested in DeAndre Jordan and Brook Lopez

The Los Angeles Lakers finally got LeBron James a second star. But after that, what’s next? The Lakers badly needed some depth and the free agent market has a lot of options to look at. With the $23 million left, they will have to find the right key pieces that could fit in with James and Davis. Adding a center is one priority. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the Lakers are eying two all-star big men, DeAndre Jordan and Brook Lopez.

Which of the Two Centers is the Better Fit for the Los Angeles Lakers?

DeAndre Jordan is known as an outstanding rim protector. His presence in the paint alone can change shots. He was also used in playing for Los Angeles as he played for the  Los Angeles Clippers for the majority of his career. Jordan is also a good offensive rebounder. He can give the Lakers second chance points. He and Davis together would be a major force in the paint on both ends of the floor. But the downside with this scenario is Jordan’s worth. Jordan is quite expensive. Instead of him, the Lakers can just re-sign JaVale McGee for a cheaper contract. If the Lakers wanted to save some money, signing McGee will do.

As for Brook Lopez, he is also used to playing in Los Angeles. He played for the Lakers in the 2017-2018 season. He averaged only 13 points and four rebounds that season. Very similar from his 12.5 points and 4.9 rebounds per game with the Milwaukee Bucks last season. But he was a different player when he was with the Bucks. He was more of a three-point shooter and he really made a huge impact for the Bucks. Especially in the playoffs. Lopez would be a great addition to the Lakers. He can stretch the floor and add more shooting. They don’t need much of a rim protector as Anthony Davis can already provide that.

Anything is possible when it comes to free agency. There can be a lot of surprises. But this is a crucial offseason for the Lakers as LeBron James can’t wait another year as he faces father time. The Lakers shouldn’t make another mistake building their roster. Or else, it can cost them another good year of LeBron James.

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