NBA Rumors: D’Angelo Russell to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and More

The NBA Draft is in the books but it’s still the offseason. Free Agency is next. And there are several rumors around the league about the top free agents available in the market. So, can the Minnesota Timberwolves pair D’Angelo Russell with Karl-Anthony Towns? And, are the Brooklyn Nets having second thoughts on signing Kyrie Irving? Here are the hottest and latest NBA Rumors for today!

D’Angelo Russell to the Minnesota Timberwolves?

D’Angelo Russell is one of the brightest stars in free agency and there are lots of speculation about his possible destination when he became a restricted free agent. Brooklyn would love to re-sign him but there is no guarantee that they will sign him now that they have the best shot in signing superstar guard Kyrie Irving. Russell finally shined last season and became an all-star. He even carried the Brooklyn Nets to the first round of the playoffs. And out of many rumors, we’re hearing, one of the best possible destinations for him is the Minnesota Timberwolves.

D’Angelo Russell and Karl Anthony Towns would look great together. Now that the Timberwolves are not sold anymore to Andrew Wiggins and are likely to move him, Towns need another young star to help him. Unlike Wiggins, Russell is already living up to the expectations. It took him quite some time before reaching this level but it’s worth the wait. In an Instagram post, there was a picture of him and Towns that seemed to be hinting a new duo in Minnesota. Russell likes the post and that could be a sign that can make it possible.

Russell and Towns would surely be a great combo. Towns can dominate inside the paint and Russell will run the point. And that duo might be enough for the Timberwolves to make it to the playoffs. But, there are lots of teams who wanted to pursue the all-star guard. The New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, and Los Angeles Clippers are also showing interest in Russell. Let’s see where Russell ends up.

The Brooklyn Nets Are Still Unsure in Signing Kyrie Irving

It was almost a done deal that Kyrie Irving will be playing for the Brooklyn Nets next season. But, as free agency comes near, it looks like the Brooklyn Nets are having second thoughts on signing the superstar point guard. They seemed to be unsure to sign Irving and let go of D’Angelo Russell if he will not be able to bring Kevin Durant along with him.

According to a report from the New York Post, the Brooklyn Nets are still hesitant to sign Irving. D’Angelo Russell is younger and starting to become a great leader. Do the Nets really want to give up Russell already? Is Kyrie Irving their ideal point guard for the future? The Nets have enough cap space to sign two max players and it’s only up to them if they are willing to sacrifice the young kid that brought them to the playoffs last season.

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D’Angelo Russell #1 of the Brooklyn Nets runs with the ball during the Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets NBA regular season game at Scotiabank Arena on February 11, 2019, in Toronto, Canada (Toronto Raptors win 127-125) (Photo by Anatoliy Cherkasov/NurPhoto via Getty Images)