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White Sox Promising Third Baseman is Taking Off

The Chicago White Sox have a lot of talent, believe it or not. The roster has a lot of decent talent and there is nearly enough to win. They just haven’t been able to put much together to win, this season. When you think of some of the top talent on this roster, your mind probably wanders to Luis Robert Jr. or Garrett Crochet. Tommy Pham is another player that plays well for the Sox.

Lately, there has been one guy that’s stuck out quite a bit in the Chicago lineup. That player is third baseman Lenyn Sosa. Sosa, who has perpetually been making his way up and down from and to the minors, has been playing great baseball lately. He’s been a big reason why the White Sox are on a resurgence lately and are playing somewhat better.

Lenyn Sosa is Taking Off on Offense and Defense

Sosa’s biggest impact has been on offense. While he doesn’t have bulky stats, due to not being up in the majors for that long, he’s playing good, solid baseball. Through the first game with the Minnesota Twins this week, Sosa has been to the plate 168 times in 47 games for the Sox. He has hit the ball 40 times with 15 RBI and 12 runs. Sosa has four home runs yet and a batting average of .250.

Lately, Sosa has been on fire hitting the ball. He has several multi-hit games and is helping the White Sox look at least a little bit more improved. Some out there might be saying ‘it’s about time” for Sosa and it is, about time. He’s only been up and down from the majors to the minors several times. It’s time he finally “got it”.

It could be that his shuffling up and down is done.

On Defense

In looking at how well Sosa plays defense, Sosa plays third base and he doesn’t play badly there at all. He’s even gotten a shot at second base and performed well there also. He’s had a couple of mistakes but he’s still learning how to play major league infield positions. Sosa might get some grace because of that. But he’s certainly the best option that the White Sox have at third base at this time and will likely remain the starter there as long as he keeps his bat hot and his glove holds onto everything.

The Future

Look for Sosa to likely remain at third base when the often-injured Yoan Moncada comes back from his latest stay on the injured list. I would look for him to beat back an attempt by Moncada to become the starter at third and thus cement himself as the White Sox third baseman of the future.

The White Sox might want to look for some backup at the position, especially if they don’t keep Moncada around or he doesn’t make it back right from his injury. They have Danny Mendick who is serviceable but not a shining example of a potential future star at third base. Sosa, as long as he can stay playing the way that he is, is likely the Sox guy.

The White Sox will likely look at drafting some talent at the position this year. Guys like Cam Smith, Seaver King, or Charlie Condon might be of some interest to the White Sox early on. The Sox do need to bolster that position, however, and make it much stronger than it is.

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