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Top High School MLB Draft Prospect Projected to Land With Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Angels could select Bryce Rainer out of high school during the 2024 MLB Draft

The Los Angeles Angels have some work to do, and it starts with selecting the right players in the 2024 MLB Draft. With Shohei Ohtani gone and Mike Trout often injured in the latter part of his career, the Angels need to build from the ground up.. This draft could start with a top high school player out of Harvard-Westlake in California for the Angels. That’s shortstop Bryce Rainer. He’s slated as the end of the top 10 for the draft prospects this season, according to MLB.

Bryce Rainer and His Profile

While in high school, you’ll notice that the best players are shortstops. That doesn’t always mean they’ll be shortstops in professional ball, particularly in MLB. However, for Rainer, that’s not the case.

The bat and offensive tools are unquestionable. Although he played as a two-way player for much of his high school career, he has focused on being a position player, leading him to become a top 10 ranked choice in the MLB Draft. He’s athletic enough to play shortstop at the big league level, and the arm is enough that some would project he’d be a Gold Glove third baseman if he had to move off of shortstop due to his size. After all, he can throw 90 MPH fastballs off the mound if he needs to.

Bryce Rainer shows exceptional discipline from the left side of the plate while sticking to a game plan and not letting the moments rattle him. In fact, he attended the National High School Invitational this Spring and was the best player there on one of the bigger stages. According to Jonathan Mayo, he solidified himself as a top choice amongst the high school prospects and maybe even the best bet among them. After all, he went 7 for 13 with two doubles and showcased his discipline with five walks and no strikeouts. He even got on the mound for an inning of relief and topped out at 95 MPH.

He’s currently committed to playing at Texas for college ball and has drawn comps to Corey Seager, but could the Angels or another team sway him to start his professional career?

The Los Angeles Angels Fit in the 2024 MLB Draft

The Angels have fast-tracked some of their recent draft picks to the big leagues. They’ve only done this with college prospects. The last high schooler they took in the first round of the MLB Draft was Jordyn Adams back in 2018. Since 2019, they’ve called up their first-round picks of Reid Detmers, Sam Bachman, Zach Neto, and Nolan Schanuel. They were all from college, and each has had a little bit of success at the big league level. As they attempt to squeeze contention out of the end of Trout’s prime, they might do it again.

However, if the Angels wanted to really dig in and build a deeper mix of players, drafting Bryce Rainer would be a great fit. In their latest Mock Draft, ESPN has Rainer being taken in the eighth round by the Angels.  Their bonus pool is just under $13 million and a slot value of $6.5 million. They could try to entice Rainer to forego college.

For the Angels, their farm system is pretty low on prospects in the upper minors. A college bat might be the way to go for them to replenish this. If the Angels do decide to tear it all down, it might be a high school prospect focus for them.


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