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Yankees Must Address Gaping Lineup Holes

No team has a lineup that doesn’t have a weak spot or two. The New York Yankees’ lineup is no exception. Though considering how well they have played and how many star players they have, the bottom of the lineup does not look like it belongs to one of MLB’s top teams.

Yankees Must Address Gaping Lineup Holes

Behind the Yanks’ fiery 1-5 spots in the order, the last three or four spots have been underperforming to say the least. Besides Jose Trevino, who has actually been a bright spot in the 7/8-hole, players like DJ LeMahieu, Gleyber Torres, Austin Wells, and the injured Anthony Rizzo have not played as well as the Yankees hoped they would.

Should the Yanks simply hope that their infielders’ bats finally warm up? Or should they look to address the situation via trade?

Inconsistent Infield

Barring Anthony Volpe, the infield has been, well, average at-best. Torres has not come close to matching his 2023 numbers. His .628 OPS is by far the worst of his entire career, and it doesn’t get much better from there. DJ LeMahieu has been flat-out terrible since coming off the IL, and Oswaldo Cabrera’s glove is what earns him a lineup spot.

The Yankees could look to rookie Ben Rice for some support in the infield. The catcher-turned-first baseman was solid in the minors and is likely to be on the team until the injured Anthony Rizzo returns. Though he’s only played in 3 MLB games, his numbers won’t likely top or even match Rizzo’s mediocre slash line.

No great team has an infield this lackluster. The Yankees should be vigilant in looking for some way to improve the weakest part of the team.

Trade Options

It’s been rumored around Major League Baseball that the Yankees could be interested in Paul Goldschmidt of the St. Louis Cardinals. It would make sense for both teams: the Cardinals have been nothing more than a middle-of-the-pack team this year, while the Yankees would address a dire problem. Goldschmidt’s 2024 has not been great, but his excellent defense and normally great bat would be huge for New York.

Another rumored player has been Pete Alonso of the cross-town Mets. Alonso is in the last year of his contract, and the Mets may have plans to sign him long-term. But if they’re willing to trade him, the Yankees could certainly make use of his great power numbers.

If they want to address multiple positions, they could go after the Rockies’ Ryan McMahon. However, Colorado has recently noted that they are likely not interesting in trading the corner infielder. It wouldn’t be the first time a Rockies infielder came to New York and thrived (DJ LeMahieu). Either way, it isn’t a bad idea to get a good hitter who can play multiple positions.

Could It Solve Itself?

In fairness to players like Trevino and Torres, they have been bottom-of-the-order hitters that have been heating up. Trevino is batting .265 with 8 home runs while usually hitting in the 7 or 8 hole. Torres has been improving as of late but is too inconsistent for the Yankees to play him every day. So, the likely answer is, no, the situation won’t solve itself.

The Last Word

Unfortunately, the Yanks will need some outside help. Whether it comes in the form of a veteran first baseman or a utility infielder, this infield is not strong enough to lead the Yankees deep into the playoffs. So far, they’ve fared well depending on the titans that are Soto, Judge and Stanton, but a team that it too top-heavy is sure to eventually fall over.

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