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Oregon State Infielder Projected To Go Top 10 in MLB Draft

The Guardians are projected to take Travis Bazzana first in the MLB Draft out of Oregon State

whichThe MLB Draft is just under a month away, and the projections for each MLB hopeful are becoming clearer. The number one overall pick went to the Cleveland Guardians during the lottery, and there’s plenty of talent that the Guardians can choose from. This MLB Draft is full of college bats at the top. Even still, the Guardians are projected to take a second baseman out of Oregon State in Travis Bazzana.

The Guardians Top Pick in the MLB Draft

Cleveland received the top pick in the draft and, with it, a record bonus slot for the number one overall pick. The first overall pick receives a slot value of $10,570,600 this year. This beats the record from last year by about $1 million. They don’t need to spend that all on their first pick, which could be Travis Bazzana.

While the slot value is what MLB awards, the overall bonus pool is important. The overall pool for the Guardians is $18,344,000. This means that across their picks in the MLB Draft, they can choose to spend more or less on each draft pick.

The Guardians may look for a player who would be willing to sign under the slot within the top 10. The team could then use those savings elsewhere. Given that Paul Skenes signed for only $500,000 under slot value last year, it might not be a bad strategy for the Guardians. They’re a smaller market team that relies heavily on their farm system. Choosing a player other than Travis Bazzana may allow them flexibility in later rounds to entice a high schooler to forego college or snag a player over slot in a later round to lure them from a different team. According to Jonathan Mayo of, there’s still plenty of buzz that Cleveland might do this.

Travis Bazzana Setting Records

Bazanna hails from Australia and would be the first Australian-born player to be drafted in the first round. He’s currently with Oregon State, but he’s already gotten some professional baseball experience. That’s right. Travis Bazzana, at the age of 15, was playing in the Australian Baseball League with the Sydney Blue Sox. He got enough recognition in his final season with the team that he had a choice to go pro with the Detroit Tigers or head to college. Bazzana chose college, and it culminated in a season where he lit the college circuit on fire with Oregon State. He’s a true five-tool player, and it’s hard to find something he isn’t good at.

This past season, Travis Bazanna slashed .407/.568/.911. He socked 28 home runs ins 60 games and now leads Oregon State in both career hits and home runs.

The Performance and Projection

He was second in the country in walks with 74, OBP, slugging, and OPS which were all categories he led the PAC-12 in. With his performance, he became a finalist for the Golden Spikes Award. He was also named the PAC-12’s Player of the Year.

While he played all of his games at second base this season, he has also patrolled the outfield as well. Despite having less arm strength and glove skill compared to his offensive abilities his college coaches believe he can play the outfield. However, he will likely be drafted as a second baseman where he spent the entire season with Oregon State. If he is drafted first overall as a second baseman, Bazzana will be the first player with that distinction.

Travis Bazzana will be a boost for any farm system, even if the second baseman projections are true. If the Guardians look to go a different route, the Cincinnati Reds could welcome Bazzana into their system with the second-overall pick.


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