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Three Mets Relievers That Have Turned The Bullpen Around

Earlier in the season, the New York Mets bullpen was largely touted as the best in the league, especially during a stretch where New York went 12-3. Suddenly, the bullpen collapsed, and so did the Mets. As the Mets win again, certain pitchers may have turned the bullpen around.

Three Mets Relievers That Have Turned The Bullpen Around.

Adrian Houser

The Mets could have looked much better this season had they been able to use Adrian Houser as a starter. Houser could’ve provided New York with a starter that stabilizes the lineup, but early in the season, Houser failed to keep his spot in the rotation. Instead of DFA Houser, the Mets decided to turn the failed starter into a bullpen piece. Houser has been by no means a strikeout machine, but what Houser has done is simple: become an innings-eating reliever. Houser seemed to run into most of his trouble during the fourth or fifth inning. Thus, the Mets may have found a pitcher capable of taking out a couple of innings before he is relieved.

Dedniel Nunez

Dedniel Nunez has not just been good for the Mets; he has been excellent. In his first major league stint, the 28-year-old fireballer can pitch up to 3 innings while also having nice control. He has struck out 26 while walking just three hitters; Nunez has also easily touched 98 mph on his fastball. The velocity could get even higher for Nunez, who would have been sent down to triple-A had he not struck out five batters in 3 innings of relief for New York against the Miami Marlins. Nunez gives the Mets a pitcher capable of eating innings and reaching high velocity on fastballs and other pitches. If Nunez continues to do what he has been doing, the Mets could use Nunez as a pitcher to shut the door on another team late in a game.

Edwin Diaz

It is never too late for a pitcher to return to his old form, especially Edwin Diaz, who repeatedly made fans nervous earlier in the season. After Diaz had the month of May as bad as he did and then went on the IL, in two performances, Diaz has allowed no runs and struck out 3. Diaz struggled in his latest save but touched 100 mph several times, including striking out Manny Machado. Diaz also improved his slider velocity.

The game of baseball is not just about homers and 100 mph fastballs, but for Diaz, it mostly is. Diaz’s ability to reach a certain velocity made him just as good as any closer in baseball. Much like in 2022, Diaz’s velocity continues to climb; in 2022, Diaz upped his fastball from 98/99 to 100/103 mph. In 2024, Diaz has upped it from 94-95 to 99-100. His velocity could continue to rise, too. If Diaz does what he did in 2022, the Mets, who continue to win now, can continue to thrive.

The bullpen has repeatedly been one of the most essential parts of the Mets’ game in 2024. These pitchers, who did not affect New York early in the season, turned the Mets’ bullpen around rig

Main Photo Credits: Matthew Childs/Reuters via USA TODAY Sports


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