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From The 2005 Houston Astros: RIP 2024 Astros

The struggling 2024 Houston Astros team is eerily similar to the 2005 Pennant-winning Houston Astros. Is it time for their resurrection?

RIP Astros Season 2024 March 28, 2024-June 13, 2024


Calling all Houston Astros media and fans: it’s time to bury the Astros.

It’s the only way.

The 2005 Houston Astros

In 2005, the Houston Astros rallied from a deep early season hole to capture the franchise’s first pennant and World Series appearance. An article on the front page of the sports section of the Houston Chronicle that featured a large Tombstone with the phrase “RIP Astros Season April 5, 2005-June 1, 2005” famously motivated the 2005 Astros. After starting the season 15-30, with a 19-32 record at that article’s publication, the talented but underperforming Astros were left dead in the water.

That team had sky-high expectations after winning the franchise’s first postseason series the previous season. They played a hotly contested League Championship Series and came within one win of the World Series. They also featured a team with several stars and postseason stalwarts. The starting rotation was led by the likes of Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, and Roy Oswalt. Yet somehow, they couldn’t find a way to win. The Houston Chronicle buried them in print, with the postseason seeming out of reach.

This was a big deal for the team when newspapers were still the dominant media outlet. 2005 Houston Astros team leader Brad Ausmus observed of the time, “It certainly didn’t hurt motivation.” After that tombstone was published, the Astros went 70-41 to a National League pennant.

A Talented But Underperforming Astros Team

Adding to the parallels, the 2024 Astros faced major issues at 1st base. Similarly, the 2005 Astros had questions at 1st base after franchise legend Jeff Bagwell went on the injured list with shoulder issues.

The 2005 Houston Astros found almost every way to lose the first half of the season. Despite having a supremely talented pitching staff, the 2005 Astros would blow 29 leads. The 2024 Astros have already blown 20 despite investing a lot of money into the back of their bullpen in the offseason by signing Josh Hader. That’s one more check in the similarity box.

The 2005 Astros also featured future Hall of Fame second baseman Craig Biggio, who was setting records that year. This 2024 Astros team also features a potential Hall of Fame second baseman in Jose Altuve, who is also setting records.

Through 69 games, the 2005 Astros were 30-39. This year’s team? 31-38.


The 2005 Houston Astros featured a talented team with future Hall of Famers. However, they blew several leads early in the season, had issues at first base, and seemed out of the playoff hunt early. Could it be that the 2024 Astros are just the 2005 Astros reincarnated?

If that is the case, there’s only one clear solution: the 2024 Astros need the same motivation as the 2005 Astros. Fans, start burying your Astros gear on Tiktok. Astros media, let’s begin designing those Tombstone graphics for social media.

The 2024 Astros must be buried to rise from the grave.

Main Photo Credits: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


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