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What Trading a Slugging Outfielder Could Do For the White Sox

Dismal is one word to describe the Chicago White Sox right now. Chicago is a terrible team, perhaps one of the worst in baseball history, and nothing seems to be a cure for their troubles. They are constantly bringing up new talent from the minors and shuffling players to the injured list. They just aren’t winning. Most know that they are on pace to have the worst record in Major League Baseball history. They are horrible and aren’t going to get any better. Chicago is likely going to start selling off some of their bigger pieces. The White Sox have only one big-time player on their roster right now, and that’s former All-Star Luis Robert Jr., who is the best piece they have to offer via trade despite his history of getting hurt,

What a Luis Robert Jr. Trade Could Do for the White Sox

The Sell-Off

Seeing that the White Sox are entertaining offers for Robert Jr. should make fans realize that the White Sox are not planning to win many games in 2024. If they clean house, as they are predicted to do, and get rid of some of their better talent, they are going to continue on the horrid pace that they are on.

They need help quickly to improve at all, but they don’t want the help now. They want it for the future. So, the White Sox will likely trade away their best pieces to get more of what they want for the long term.

Packages for Robert Jr.

The White Sox should be able to get a good haul for Robert Jr., despite the fact he just came off of the injured list. There must be a team out there that could use his services as a solid hitter and highly competent outfielder. A team that comes to mind is the Atlanta Braves, who recently lost Ronald Acuña Jr. for the season. They could use another “junior” in the outfield. Robert might be a good fit and the Braves may give up some significant player capital for him.

Teams that are missing that special piece in the outfield are going to fall in love with Robert Jr. Those teams will make offers to get him. It’s hard not to believe that teams are going to be stumbling over themselves trying to get him. He just might be what helps a team get over the top.

How much could the Sox could get for Robert Jr.? Several minor-league prospects could be given up for the amazing outfielder and the Sox could get several of them.  He may bring in a haul similar to what former White Sox pitcher Dylan Cease did. It’s possible that five or six minor-league players could come to the Sox via trade.

What about major league players? The Sox could likely get two to three lower-level starters in a deal. Or, perhaps, they could bring in one to two solid starters and go that route. Anything is possible, but what’s important is the Sox get a great return for a great player.

The Last Word

In the end, the White Sox need to maximize the value of Robert Jr.. They need to get as much for him as they possibly can. The Sox need to be smart about who their trading partner is, and make sure to not get taken to the cleaners for the outfielder. Getting as much as they can out of the deal is a must to help improve a team that’s a dumpster fire.


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