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The London Series Will Take Center Stage This Weekend

The 2024 MLB World Tour London Series will begin on June 8th. The Philadelphia Phillies will play the New York Mets. Fans are anxiously awaiting this event, which will unfold over the weekend. Fans have mentioned on social media that they are more than ready to watch it. Game two will take place on June 9th.

2024 London Series Begins on June 8th

The London Series

This year’s London Series will have Grammy Award-winning singer Jess Glynne as its headliner before the first pitch on Sunday, June 9th takes place. On May 8, 2018, MLB issued a two-year agreement to have baseball games occur in the London Stadium during the 2019 and 2020 seasons. The latter series was canceled due to COVID-19. The MLB London Series permits MLB to play particular regular season games in England.

The series continued in 2023. The 2023 London Series was an electrifying success, indicated as a celebrated path for MLB’s effort to travel abroad and expand the game internationally. What a London Series that was! There was plenty of scoring, but not an obscene amount. The London Stadium played very well in 2023. The future for MLB interest in the UK, with the 2024 series underway.

Fans will be excited to know that London is already penciled in to host a series again in 2026. The New York Yankees have already experienced baseball in London at the Olympic Stadium, meeting the Boston Red Sox for two games in 2019 as MLB played its first games in England. Chase Utley, a former Phillies legend, returned to Citizens Bank Park ahead of this year’s series. The countdown for this event is getting closer, and it has generated plenty of buzz, even going back to last season.

The Romance For Baseball

The London Series shows that baseball is a global sport—a sport that unites fans and greats from around the world. It’s interesting how baseball has become popular over the years in parts of the world you wouldn’t always expect. The shared romance for baseball continues. It will be thrilling for Phillies fans to watch one of the hottest teams in baseball take part in this event. Everyone, including Utley, is excited about this event, and the Phillies leave a soft spot in his heart. He’s talked about how his former team is like home for him. He will be rooting for the Phillies, who have been playing some killer baseball. The countdown is on as the London Series will take place for the third time.


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