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Looking at Some of MLB’s Best City Connect Jerseys

The 2024 MLB season has showcased several new sets of City Connect jerseys. While some prefer the original jerseys, the uniqueness of these new sets can still be appreciated. Whether they are viewed positively or negatively, they certainly stand out either way. The concept behind the jerseys is meant to respect the cultural aspects of each team’s home city. The jerseys are alternates, so they are not meant to replace the original sets. Here are some of the best uniforms in the MLB City Connect series, exhibiting both style and versatility.

MLB’s Best City Connect Jerseys

St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals debuted their City Connect Jerseys on Saturday evening. They unveil the heartbeat of St. Louis in every stitch. Embrace the spirit of Lou with this collection, including a special nod to one of our local heroes with the iconic Paul Goldschmidt jersey. You can grab yours now and rep the legacy of the past while celebrating the bright future ahead. They’ve kept the classic chain-stitched logo on the jersey, which fans can appreciate. But simultaneously, you want the jerseys to look different from their usual ones. They’ve kept things simple, following the same template as the current set, but with navy being promoted to a secondary color to cardinal red. The City Connect turns the St. Louis flag into a jersey.

Detroit Tigers

The blue color really pops with the Tigers City Connect jerseys. Despite what critics may think of them, they are a fun way for players and fans to connect on what makes the cities they represent unique, and they let them showcase that pride. The Tigers’ City Connect jersey celebrates the Motor City suitably. It is simultaneously a testimonial to Detroit’s plentiful history and a gesture to its bountiful future.

Philadelphia Phillies

This jersey’s gradient of light and dark blue was well done. The gold pinstripes on the pants add a distinct touch, and the font on the jersey is interesting, making it appear spooky. The gold accents on the patch on the jersey are stylish, and the gold Nike symbol adds a nice flourish. These are very cool jerseys, with a lighter blue on the top and dark pants, which we haven’t seen. Overall, a job well done on this jersey, with the yellow and blue combination blending well together.

Atlanta Braves

There is a sharp contrast with these City Connect jerseys for the Braves. They return it to the Hank Aaron days with the big letter “A.” It is part historic and part modern, and they have also returned to the old color scheme. The retro theme is really cool, and it’s been said that these jerseys will sell like hotcakes. It is simple with the two-toned jersey and the good positioning of the number. It all just flows very well, making it a popular and likable City Connect jersey.

The Era of City Connect

While change can be hard for some, change can often be good. If teams always had the same jerseys, it would be boring. While some fans get attached to the classic jerseys, it is nice to change things up. It is also neat that each jersey brings something different to pay respect to a team’s historical and cultural aspects. If you think about it, if a team doesn’t have as much of a compelling history, then it takes away from creativity with the jerseys. Maybe that is why some jerseys stand out from others. Everyone will have their own views on them.

Some teams don’t have City Connects, such as the New York Yankees, because they don’t traditionally wear alternate uniforms. It would be cool if all the teams had them, but seeing the teams that do have them is gratifying. The Toronto Blue Jays will be debuting their City Connect uniforms next when they play the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 31st.

Photo Credit: © Ryan Garza / USA TODAY NETWORK


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