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Phillies Have Won 29 of Their Last 35 Games

The Philadelphia Phillies have won 29 of their last 35 games, their best 35-game span within a season since 1892. Some keys to their success? The Phillies have played well in the first five innings of games. Also, they are 21-3 in their last 24 games against righties.

Phillies Have Won 29 of Their Last 35 Games

The Philadelphia Phillies are dominating their opposition right now. It will be interesting to watch once their schedule gets more competitive. The WAR leaders for the Phillies this season are Ranger Suarez (2.8), Alec Bohm (2.0), Bryce Harper (1.9), Brandon Marsh(1.8), and Trea Turner (1.6). In 1892, the WAR leaders were Gus Weyhing (7.4), Roger Connor (6.3), Billy Hamilton (6.1), Tim Keefe (5.1), and Sam Thompson (4.7).

It can be argued that the Phillies are the best team in baseball right now, and Whit Merrifield feels that his team is dynamic. The Phillies have superstars who have accomplished great things, and he is content with his team. “We’re in a great place as an organization.”The organization’s sole focus has been how to get to October baseball.” He also talked about how the Phillies organization is a positive environment to be around because it’s rare, and he cherishes that. The Phillies are now 17-3 in May. This team is on a generational run right now.

They swept the defending champion Texas Rangers, silencing those who said they hadn’t played real teams yet. A team that has been red hot like the Phillies has certainly put up some noteworthy stats, and here’s one of them: since May 1st, the Phillies are 28-for-29 in stolen bases (96.5%), which is the highest success rate in MLB. They do everything right. Hit, pitch, run the bases, and even when you don’t include Turner, they are still one of the best teams in baseball. “It’s awesome. This is the best team I have ever been a part of,” said Nick Castellanos after the Phillies got their second straight sweep. They are 37-15, their best start after 52 games in all of Phillies history. The Phillies have also won 15 consecutive series to top things off.

Phillies Have It All!

It’s one thing to win games and be on a winning team. But to enjoy the team you are on and discuss how an organization provides a great environment is a different discussion. Despite the Phillies’ easy schedule, facing many below .500 teams, this doesn’t matter. Teams can have a way of spoiling success for other teams, and some teams struggle against lesser teams despite their team record. The Phillies are playing red-hot baseball, and it looks like nothing can detract from their momentum. Now succeeding against tougher teams too, they are a force to be reckoned with.


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