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Blue Jays Ace Records Double Digit Strikeouts For The First Time This Season

Blue Jays starting pitcher Kevin Gausman had a solid outing against the Tigers. He recorded 10 strikeouts, the most this season. That’s his first double-digit strikeout count this season, and he looked pretty comfortable on the mound. It was motivating to see Gausman get the run support he deserves. Last season, the Blue Jays did not successfully provide run support for Gausman.

Blue Jays Starter Strikes Out With Double Digits

Kevin Gausman

Gausman had a rocky start to the season, starting injured. Then, Gausman showcased some struggles on the mound, but it was only a matter of time before those struggles faded. Gausman will always be the Blue Jays ace, even when he’s not performing 100 percent. But against the Tigers, we saw no struggles from Gausman, and he was clutch. His struggles early on in the season also pointed to the injury he was facing, which could have been affecting his game. Injuries can certainly bring about setbacks in a player’s game. However, a strong pitcher can overcome adversities, and Gausman is starting to settle nicely for the Blue Jays this season.

Even in 2023, despite the Blue Jay’s lack of run support, he pitched very well and was a finalist for the Cy Young Award. Gausman’s toughest outing this season was against the Colorado Rockies, where he gave up 10 hits and six earned runs. Gausman has also lowered his ERA to 4.47, down 42 points from 4.89. During the season, he has a 3-3 record with 53 strikeouts and a 1.43 WHIP.


Gausman put up impressive stats, and it’s no surprise that he finished the season with 237 strikeouts. Gausman is a strikeout pitcher, and he dominated against the Tigers. Gausman plus the Blue Jays core producing equals a strong win for the Blue Jays. Gausman is back, and fans can’t wait to see him progress as we get closer to the midway point of the season. The most 10+ strikeout games in Blue Jays history have been from Roger Clemens with 25, Kevin Gausman with 14, and A.J. Burnett with 13. This shows you that strikeouts are no strangers to Gausman. It’s never easy to return after an injury, and it can build mental tension. But overall, nobody doubted that Gausman wouldn’t pitch well again.

Main Photo Credits: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


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