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AL East Teams Sporting Solid Records Early On

So far in 2024, every team in the AL East has a winning record. They are the only such division at this point. The division is usually loaded with talent, so it comes as no surprise that it’s usually tight and difficult to win.

AL East Division Sports Five Winning Records

Teams With Winning Vs. Losing Records

Currently, the New York Yankees lead the AL East with a 13-6 record. Behind them are the Baltimore Orioles, with a 12-6 record. Then in third are the Tampa Bay Rays at 11-9, in fourth the Toronto Blue Jays at 10-9, and currently fifth in the AL East are the Boston Red Sox with a 10-10 record. This combined strength stands in contrast to other divisions. For example, in the AL West, the Houston Astros have a record of 6-14, and the Oakland Athletics have an 8-11 record. In the NL West, the Colorado Rockies have a 4-15 record, and the San Franciso Giants have an 8-11 record. In the NL East, the Miami Marlins are 4-15, and the Washington Nationals are 8-10.

Lastly, in the AL Central, the Chicago White Sox have a 3-15 record (the worst in MLB), and the Minnesota Twins have a 6-11 record. All the other divisions have at least two teams with losing records. From ace pitcher Jose Berrios pitching very well to Colton Cowser winning AL Player of the Week to Juan Soto keeping you in games, the AL East is off to a strong start collectively. Other divisions sport plenty of disappointing records, but the AL East’s talent is keeping every team afloat so far.

AL East Stands Out

The AL East is the standout division in MLB so far, both in terms of the strong starts by its five teams and the parity between them. It will be interesting to see how the season progresses and how the standings change within the East and in other divisions. Will the teams with losing records continue to slide, and will the race remain tight in the AL East? With its many young, talented players who are having an impressive start to their 2024 MLB season, that might be the case. Four out of the five AL East teams also have winning records in their last 10 games, so they’re showing no signs of slowing down.


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