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Sean Bouchard Looks for a Big Year as the Rockies Right Fielder

Back at the 2017 MLB Draft, outfielder Sean Bouchard was a ninth-round pick from UCLA. While he never was on top of the Rockies’ prospects chart, he has given signs in two quick Major League call-ups that he has serious potential. At just 27 years old, Bouchard has the opportunity to make a name for himself on this Rockies’ roster full of uncertainties. Throughout this upcoming Spring Training, Sean must learn to be patient with his at-bats and derive his potential to consider him a member of the 40-man roster. While there are plenty of great, young top prospects at this Rockies’ camp, Bouchard must show he’s Major League ready.

Sean Bouchard Career Stats

During his first debut in 2022, Bouchard played in 27 games. He had a .297 batting average with a phenomenal .454 on-base percentage. In 74 at-bats, Sean put up 22 hits, three home runs, 11 runs batted in with 21 walks. Last Spring Training, the 27-year-old outfielder was slated to be a starter but tore his left distal bicep in March. He was activated in September, playing in just 21 games. During the last five games of the 2023 season, Bouchard crushed four home runs. He finished the season with 12 hits, four homers, and seven runs batted in. He also had a .316 batting average and a .372 on-base percentage.

Flashes of Charlie Blackmon

If the 27-year-old outfielder can stay healthy in 2024, he’ll have an exact mirror trajectory as Rockies veteran left-handing hitter Charlie Blackmon has. During the early parts of Blackmon’s career, there were many exhilarating moments, but they all stopped due to unfortunate injuries. Once Charlie got healthy consistently, he eventually became a four-time all-star. When Bouchard suffered his torn bicep injury, he watched how Blackmon prepared, played, and the four-time all-star’s physical maintenance. Charlie notices and invites Sean to talk about how he goes about his pre-game workouts. Following the advice of a player in his 14th major league season gives you a lot of knowledge about what to expect at the plate, in the field, or during challenging situations.

Battle for the Eighth Spot in the Rockies Lineup

That eighth spot is ideal for Sean Bouchard in the Rockies lineup. Batting eighth, he’ll be able to extend innings and offer chances for the speedy Brenton Doyle to come to bat. Doyle is looking to learn patience and discipline on the plate. Having Bouchard bat before him would be a great learning visual for what to expect. If Bouchard and Doyle can get back on base, the lineup flips over to the four-time all-star Charlie Blackmon. It’s going to be extremely tough though. It will be a battle within the Rockies camp to see who earns a spot on the Opening Day roster. Prospects like Yanquiel Fernandez and Jordan Beck want to leap in 2024. If they do, Bouchard could be fighting for his starting spot.

It will take a lot to overtake Bouchard’s job. Wearing the pitcher down and getting on base has become a huge priority for the Rockies. Sean does a great job being disciplined at the plate, making pitchers throw more. In a highly offensive environment like Coors Field, Sean Bouchard must raise the bar and show the Rockies why he deserves a roster spot.


Main Photo Credits: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports


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