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An Anxious Sonny Gray Signs With the St. Louis Cardinals

Since 2017, right-handed pitcher Sonny Gray has played for four different teams. Now, he has officially found a new home in St. Louis. The Cardinals signed Sonny Gray for three years and $75 million. During the 2024 campaign, he’ll be looking to make a statement with his latest team. This past year, his pitching certainly was one reason why the Minnesota Twins captured the AL Central and made the postseason. Minnesota snuck by the Toronto Blue Jays in the Wild Card Series before losing to the Houston Astros in the Division Series. The 34-year-old pitcher will bring his all, as he’ll be hoping to win a championship before his career winds down.

Sonny Gray Signs with the Cardinals

Sonny Gray’s Pitching Approach

Gray threw 2,818 pitches in 2023. His 4-seam fastball is the pitch he threw the most. It was also Gray’s most effective pitch, as he threw it into the strike zone at a 59 percent clip. The sweeper was his second-most used pitch, yet he threw it in the strike zone around 37 percent of the time. Gray would typically throw his sweeper on the right outside part of the plate, where he hopes to get left-handed batters to swing right through it. Sonny Gray always looks to switch his pitches up when the batter is behind in the count. Yet, he throws his sweeper the most during an 0-2, 1-2, and 2-2 count. On a full count, Gray could either turn to his fastball, sinker, curveball, or sweeper. Look for him to tidy up his pitches this upcoming season to make the most out of the six pitches in his arsenal.

Gray’s 2023 Stats

Gray had 32 starts in 2023. He had an 8-8 record with 184 innings pitched, a 2.79 ERA, and 183 strikeouts. During game two of the AL Wild Card Series against the Blue Jays, Gray pitched five shutout innings. He allowed just five hits, and two walks while striking out six Jays. One of Gray’s best regular season starts was early on in the season. On April 24th, against his former team, the New York Yankees, Gray pitched seven innings. He allowed just three hits, and two walks while striking out eight batters in a 6-1 win. If the 34-year-old pitcher can have consistent starts like the ones mentioned above, he will be one of the most terrifying pitchers to face in 2024. He is a tremendous boost to the Cardinals rotation, and he could help turn the team back into postseason contenders after their rough 2023.


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