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Adam Cimber Is Now A Free Agent

Adam Cimber has been non-tendered by the Toronto Blue Jays on November 17th. Cimber barely played in 2023 due to being on the IL, along with Nate Pearson, and this move allows him to be a free agent. This is a smart move for the Blue Jays, but Cimber will be missed. There are no surprises with this move, but Cimber is a solid pitcher and was a big part of the pen in 2021 and 2022. This will also free up space and money for the Blue Jays. The Blue Jays already have strong pitchers in the bullpen, but now that Cimber is a free agent, this has made some fans feel nostalgic. Many are happy to see Cimber excel with a new team.

Tweets of Endearment for Cimber

These are some Twitter tweets where people have shared their opinions of Cimber and why he’s an underrated pitcher. Although many are sad to see Cimber become a Free Agent, many wish him well and know that this move will give him a chance to shine on a different team.

Closing Remarks

Good luck to Adam Cimber wherever he ends up landing. He will succeed wherever he goes, and while it is sad to lose him, this move is no surprise. Seeing Blue Jays’ fans express gratitude towards him and wish him well in his future with MLB is compelling. His teammates and bullpen buddies will miss Cimber, but the Blue Jays need to make moves like this to clean up their roster and focus on a more robust and better 2024 season.

Cimber’s pitching approach is unique, especially how he delivers his pitches. His stance on the mound, while unique, is what makes him stand out as a pitcher. Good luck again to Cimber; hopefully, he can remain healthy in the 2024 season. While it is not easy to make certain moves in MLB, everyone was not surprised with this move. Many teams will be interested in acquiring and adding him to their bullpen. Cimber made 39 plate appearances 2021 for the Blue Jays, going 2–2 with a 1.69 ERA and 30 strikeouts.


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