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Why Brandon Belt Will Be a Crucial Player in the Postseason

The Toronto Blue Jays clinched a spot in the postseason and now it is their time to shine. A player that will be important in terms of offense in the Wildcard game against the Minnesota Twins on October 3rd is Brandon Belt. Since coming off the IL, his offense has been on fire. He hit his 19th home run of the season on October 1st, and he also hit a home run in back-to-back games on September 28th and 29th. The Jays will need every ounce of offense that they can get from Belt in the postseason if they want to make a deeper push into the postseason.

The Twins will not be an easy test for the Blue Jays in the postseason, but if the offense can come together, it will be huge. Belt is a veteran player who can, without question, help the Jays win games and bring them back into games with just the swing of the bat. Belt, like other players such as Cavan Biggio and Daulton Varsho, have made a strong comeback in the second and late half of the regular season.

Why Brandon Belt’s Presence Will Be Important in the Postseason

Improved Player

While home runs for Toronto have come short this season, when they’ve hit them, they’ve built strong momentum. The Jays have many strong home run hitters in their lineup, and Belt is one of them. While Belt is planning to retire next season, his current presence in the lineup will be significant in the postseason. But if Belt doesn’t retire, they should definitely consider signing him to a 1-year deal in the offseason. His recent power and improved offense at the plate could not have come at a better time. The Jays need all the offense they can get, and if Belt can play against the Twins how he has recently played, it will be huge. Belt also has postseason experience, which will be very important for them. Belt’s veteran presence and experience, especially with winning two world series with the San Francisco Giants.

The X-Factor!

Belt has maintained a strong momentum going into the postseason. While there will be pressure for both the Blue Jays and Belt to perform at a high level, it will be exciting to watch what will unfold. Belt could very well be their secret weapon and X-factor. He has showcased how he has been vital to their lineup, and this is why the Jays signed him back in January.

Belt was brought in because of his experience and expertise, and while he may not be the same Belt as he was when he played for the Giants, he, without question, has something to bring to the table. The fact that he has also put on a strong performance after coming off the IL also showcases his true talent and his willingness to win and compete. It is never easy to come back off the IL and put up good numbers, but Belt has accomplished this and has done it with style.

Go, Jays Go!

Congratulations to the Blue Jays and Belt on making the postseason and for his improved offense. The Jays will need all their best players to really step it up in the postseason. As well as playing with urgency and showing everyone that they have what it takes to take down the Twins. With Belt in the lineup and being healthy, he is a powerful presence that can help them advance further into the postseason. While Belt has been a leader with his experience, he has also talked about how the younger players have really helped the Jays as well. If Belt is able to get a home run with RISP against the Twins, it will be a beautiful sight to see and get fans hyped up and excited.

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