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Where Do They Go From Here: Red Sox Eliminated From Playoffs

What started with many comeback wins and the belief that maybe, just maybe, this Red Sox team could at least make the playoffs is now gone; the Red Sox have been eliminated from a playoff spot.

Red Sox Eliminated From Playoffs: Where Do They Go from Here:

The belief was either Chaim Bloom or Alex Cora would be gone by season’s end. Ownership was thought to stick with Bloom, who they hired to save money in the first place. However, right had finally seen enough of an approach that was not working as it had for Bloom when he was with the Tampa Bay Rays and relieved him of his duties.

First: Chief Baseball Officer

First up, the Red Sox need to find a Chief Baseball Officer. Alex Cora has been mentioned as a potential replacement for Bloom. However, he has said he would prefer to remain the team Manager only. Whether that is the case remains to be seen. Boston already has a wish list of replacements for Bloom within and outside the Red Sox organization, some of whom have ties to the New England area.

Next: Recognizing Pitching is What Wins Championships

Except for the 1927 New York Yankees (known as Murderer’s Row), having an effective one-two punch in the starting rotation, a stable bullpen, and a solid closer is what will win championships. Suppose having multiple offensive stars was the key to success one hundred percent of the time. Why are the Los Angeles Angels, San Diego Padres (Mathematically, they are still alive but underachieved), and the New York Yankees not in this year’s playoffs? It is a formula the Red Sox should know well. The formula won the World Series Championships in 2004 and 2007.

Last: Decisions About Current Players

Talk earlier this season of signing Alex Verdugo to a contract extension this offseason seems unlikely. Justin Turner has a player option for 2024. Turner could earn more money after a very productive season, especially considering his age (38). He will likely test the free agent waters and opt out of his player option for 2024 with the Sox, which would pay him 13.4 million dollars. The bullpen will need a total overhaul after what can only be described as a total dumpster fire this season. The Red Sox need Chris Sale to get back to one hundred percent health-wise. They must also find an effective number two in the starting rotation. Brayan Bello‘s 12-10 record with a 4.11 ERA is good but needs to be championship-caliber. A wait-and-see approach would be counterproductive. They should find a solid number two and move Bello to third.


The Red Sox 2023 season is officially over. The Sox must find a replacement for the fired Chief Baseball Officer to bounce back next season. The Sox must then recognize that they need a proven number two starter in the pitching rotation, assuming Chris Sale is one hundred percent healthy and can stay that way. They also need to invest in pitching, beginning with finding a number two in the starting rotation and then overhauling their entire bullpen. Finally, they must decide about players on this year’s roster’s futures. That is a lot to do, considering pitchers and catchers report to camp in five short months.


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