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Blue Jays Pitchers Record Best MLB Opponent Average With RISP

The Toronto Blue Jays pitching this season in 2023 has definitely showcased strength and power. They hold an MLB-best .221 opponent average with runners in scoring position (RISP). Blue Jays have solid pitching not only with their starters but also with the bullpen. They made a wise move by picking up Jordan Hicks during the trade deadline and he has showcased consistency with his pitching. They have also utilized his role well in helping him to mold back into the pitcher he used to be. He has gotten into a nice groove as a Blue Jay and has found his home continuing to pitch hard and fast.

Best MLB Opponent Average With RISP Goes To Jays Pitchers

Jays Starters

Their starting pitcher rotation this season has proven itself to be impressive in terms of consistency with starters like Chris Bassitt (14-7, 3.69), Kevin Gausman(11-8,3.28), and Yusei Kikuchi(9-5, 3.57). While all of the players in the rotation are strong, these three guys have proven to be the most consistent with a larger sample size with pitching. As well, they hold the best win records and ERAs. But Jose Berrios has also been solid for the Jays this season. He pitched strong in his last outing against the Kansas City Royals where he recorded his 10th win of the season where he pitched seven quality innings, had seven strikeouts, and allowed two earned runs. Bassitt has recorded a .185 opponent average in 2023 at home. This has been the lowest by a Jays pitcher in a season. Blue Jays pitchers have also stranded an MLB-best 75.7 % of runners this season.


While Toronto’s starting pitching has demonstrated strength we cannot forget about the bullpen. The Jays bullpen this season has proven to be effective in getting out of jams. Jordan Romano has also showcased consistency since his return from the IL back on August 15th. Romano also recorded his 34th save of the season which ranks 2nd in the American League. Chad Green has also bounced back from his first outing back on September 1st and has found strong command of the strike zone. He seems to have found his groove and could be a vital piece to the Blue Jays bullpen if the Jays can remain in the playoff race. Other pitchers like Jay Jackson, Yimi Garcia, Genesis Cabrera, and Erik Swanson have been dependable pitchers in the bullpen that the Jays have been able to turn to in key situations.

That’s a Wrap!

Blue Jays pitchers this season have shown and proven to be skilled at shutting down runners that have been in scoring position this season. It’s been a combined group effort with pitching as many pitchers have contributed to the Blue Jays success this season. Both the starting pitching and the bullpen have provided consistency, depth, competitiveness, and the ability to get out of jams. Their pitching this season has been dominant. We’ve seen pitchers pound the strike zone and the bullpen help their starters if they are having any difficulties. There’s been many games this season where there have been runners on base and the bullpen has come to the rescue for the Jays. Overall, Blue Jays pitching this season has been exciting to watch and has sustained positive reactions from fans.

Main Photo Credits: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports


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