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Ernie Clement: Progressive and Impressive for Jays

While the Toronto Blue Jays have had to deal with some unfortunate injuries once again, Ernie Clement has come to the rescue. Clement has been impressive ever since he was called up from AAA Buffalo on August 28th. The Jays this season have come to show us that they have impressive players in the minors who are worthy of playing time. Davis Schneider was the first to get the ball rolling. Now comes Clement who has made it look like he’s been playing in the big leagues all season long. It goes to show you that it isn’t always the star players in the game that need to come out big. When you can gain support from your minor league depth it demonstrates how vital it is to have that solid foundation in the minors.

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Blue Jays Ernie Clement Is Both Impressive and Progressive

Ernie Clement

Ernie Clement has been more than a pleasant surprise offensively for the Jays this season. When the Jays lost both Bo Bichette and Matt Chapman to injuries yet again, it was time to take care of business. This also outlined that it was time to give the youngsters in the minors a chance to shine. Since being called up from AAA Buffalo, Clement has been exciting to watch. In addition, he has demonstrated that being given the opportunity to help out his star infielders is a worthy task that he can achieve.

When you look at his numbers this season with the Jays he has brought zest. First off, he has been able to sustain a batting average of over .400 in 23 at-bats this season. If that doesn’t scream out impressive then nothing else should. In addition, he hit his first Major League home run against the Colorado Rockies on September 1st. He has also recorded six runs, 10 hits, six RBI, a stolen base, and an OPS of 1.136 so far this season. Even when Bichette and Chapman return to the lineup it is evident that his talent will not go unnoticed. As well, the Jays can utilize him as a pinch runner or hitter if needed. The sky could very well be the limit for Clement. This will all be contingent on whether he can continue to showcase consistency with his impressive offense.

Hot Bat

Isn’t it ironic how players who haven’t been surrounded by the MLB hitting coach all year are gaining successive quality offense? Clement is without a doubt one of these players and with his hot bat it can’t be ignored. His .444 batting average ties Steve Braun and Otto Velez for having the highest batting average in the first 15 games played with the Jays. Clement’s impressive offense has come in progressively but surely has not been overlooked.

Clement has looked very confident at the plate. He has not tried to force anything. He has been able to let the game come to him and he’s not only showcased talent through his offense. Clement was also brought up to help in the outfield as well. So far, he has made some impressive defensive plays and this was greatly needed.

That’s a Wrap!

The Jays have shown us this season that their Buffalo guys can come out big and be impressive. Clement has been one of these players and his impressive and noteworthy offense has provided quite a show for fans. He has put up quality at-bats for the Jays this season and has proven himself as a worthy player when it comes to production. Overall, he should be more than proud of himself. There has been a lot of pressure on the Jays this season and having the younger players come in to take off that tension has amounted to victory. It will be fun to watch Clement and the rest of the Jays depth this season continue to come out with a bang.


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