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Sitting Down With Carson Williams

Carson Williams is one of the top-ranked prospects in the Tampa Bay Rays system and for good reason.

Williams, the Rays 1st round selection in the 2021 MLB Draft, has shown grit early in his pro career. However, his upbringing in baseball may not be what you would expect.

Sitting Down With Carson Williams

Carson Williams Didn’t Follow Baseball

Growing up in San Diego, CA, Williams actually didn’t follow the game of baseball. “You know, it’s funny because I was the kid growing up- I just played every sport I possibly could and didn’t watch much baseball. I don’t know much about baseball.”

Williams truly enjoyed just playing the game and getting better at his craft, something that he would talk about when he was at Torrey Pines, saying that “I always had keys to the cages and was just the first one there, last one to leave, and it was good, just kind of developing everything.”

For a player like Williams, developing has been a challenge.

Being a 2021 draft pick, Williams has had to go through trials and tribulations, especially playing through the year 2020.

However, that hasn’t stopped Williams from producing.

Minor League Production

In his early time in the Rays organization, he has hit for a.257 batting average with 21 homers. A number that was higher than his numbers in high school.

He has been able to do a lot of that damage with Charleston, which won the Carolina League title last season in what was his first full season in the organization.

When asked what he could take away from that championship team, Williams said, “I mean, just that team, in general, was very special. I could learn a lot from the guys that I got to play with, and throughout the entire season, it was amazing. It was just a special team and a special way to go out.”

With Williams’s early success in the minors, which translated to the spring, Williams now has all eyes on him in the Rays system.

Williams got a chance to play a pair of Grapefruit League games in Fort Myers, Fla. Early in his career, he is getting the opportunities that only players who have potential can be granted.

However, with all this success, he still has more work to do. “It’s just having a solid approach and just getting more comfortable in the box. Right now, I’m not very comfortable. I’m working on some things. I’m just wanting to get into that comfortable spot where I’m seeing the ball well.”

As of now, it seems like Carson is progressing. He has shown off a bit of power on the year and has boosted the batting average. But with a long season ahead, the ups and downs could come into play as they do for any player.

One thing is for certain: there is a lot of optimism coming with this young shortstop.

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