The 2023 Red Sox Are Not the 2013 Boston Red Sox, Version 2.0

2013 Red Sox

Broadcasters are saying over and over again, “This Boston Red Sox team is just like the 2013 team.” Much of the talk surrounding the comparison has come up recently. Monday marked the 10th anniversary of the horrific Boston Marathon Bombing. While it is human nature to compare things, this comparison of these two teams seems, on the surface, to be non-sensical. It may have to do with all of the comeback wins this season, but unless the obvious is being overlooked by this writer and others, where is this sentiment even coming from?

2013 Red Sox Version 2.0 is This 2023 Red Sox Team

Except through 17 games, the 2013 team was 12-5, while this year’s team is sitting at the bottom of the American League East with more losses than wins (8-9), but this is baseball, and the four losses against the Tampa Bay Rays still count. It has been ten years since the tragic Boston Marathon bombing. Five days after the bombing, David Ortiz changed the course of the 2013 season with his incredible speech as Boston Strong became a mantra.

Yet, circumstances surrounding both teams are so different; comparing the two in the first place seems asinine. This year’s Red Sox have many comeback wins. Plus to come back in those games, they have shown a lot of grit, determination, and resilience. That may be where the comparison originates.

Grit, Determination, and Sticking Up for Your Fellow Man

Grit, determination, and sticking up for your fellow man are embodiments of the people of New England. New Englanders are, by and large, ones who can be knocked down but never out. Those who do things the hard way, give their all and persevere make New Englanders who they are. New England’s blue-collar fans love former Red Sox players like Trot Nixon, Kevin Youkilis, and Dustin Pedroia because they would give their all in every play. Fans also like to recall when Mo Vaughn close-lined the ChicagoWhite Sox, George Bell, for charging the mound after being hit by a pitch from Red Sox pitcher Aaron Sele.


The 2023 Red Sox are finding their identity. They are showing similar grit and determination and exude similar beliefs as their 2013 counterparts. By being able to claw their way back and win ball games. If the Red Sox continue to play with the same tenacity and persistence, they are writing a history all their own. The 2013 Red Sox showed that when it was needed most. The immeasurable power of the human spirit in the face of tragedy could not be measured nor denied.

That is how the 2013 team should be remembered. Regarding New Englanders and the Red Sox remeber this. Grit, determination, and standing up for your fellow man/teammate is a way of life. The 2013 Red Sox and the 2023 Red Sox have those characteristics. However, that is where the comparisons should start and stop.

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