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What About Carlos Rodón?

Carlos Rodon

The San Francisco Giants‘ lone All-Star selection, Joc Pederson, is a well-deserving representative of the orange and black. He is the first Giants outfielder to win the fan vote since Melky Cabrera way back in 2012. You remember 2012, right? That was when the Giants had only one World Series victory in San Francisco. Two more lay ahead, one being later that same season and a third would come in 2014. Pederson has put up great offensive numbers. Over 74 games, he is batting .259 with 17 home runs, a .872 OPS, and a 140 OPS+. And while he is fourth among Giants position players with a 1.2 WAR, it is safe to say that he has been their most dominating force at the plate.

But we aren’t here to discuss the well-earned All-Star nomination of Mr. Pederson. What we are here for is to sound off about the absence of Carlos Rodón from the NL All-Star roster.

What About Carlos Rodón?

It’s fitting that an All-Star game that is going to take place in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium only has one player from the Giants on the NL roster. And that player, the aforementioned Joc Pederson, spent most of his career with the Dodgers. It just wouldn’t be right if the NL team was riddled with Giants anyway. Dodgers fans who were lucky enough to score tickets to the All-Star Game want to see Mookie Betts, Trea Turner, and Clayton Kershaw not their most hated of enemies to the north. And they will get to see, Betts, Turner, and Kershaw, along with Tony Gonsolin, and they might even send a clap or two in Pederson’s direction for nostalgia’s sake.

While it is painful to say, there are more All-Star deserving Dodgers than there are Giants. There it’s out of the way. But, that being said, there should be at least one more Giant on the NL All-Star roster and his name is Carlos Rodón. Rodón, who signed a two-year 44 million dollar contract with the Giants this last off-season, has been one of the top, if not the top, pitchers in the NL. Get ready because here comes the Rodón 2022 statistics resume, and, deep breath, go. He leads all NL pitchers in FIP (2.13) and WAR (3.7). His 31% strikeout rate is second in the NL and fifth in baseball. Rodón also has the eighth-lowest ERA (2.70) in the NL and a .202 opponents batting average, which is the fifth-lowest in the NL.

And breathe.

So, okay, he’s not leading every pitching category, but those are All-Star numbers. Especially the FIP and WAR, which if you’re not familiar with click the links provided. And while Rodón may not be on the NL All-Star roster, there’s still a slight chance. One of the pitchers might say, call in sick, and he could be named as a replacement. But even if fate doesn’t intervene, Rodón is an All-Star in the heart of every Giants fan.

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