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Ray Liotta Passed Away at 67

Ray Liotta, known for his iconic movie roles, passed away earlier today at 67 in the Dominican Republic. Ray appeared in one of the most popular baseball movies ever made, ‘Field of Dreams’. In the movie, the 1919 White Sox along with many other baseball legends come out from cornfields in Iowa to play baseball on a field that Kevin Costner’s character Ray Kinsella created. The movie went on to become the fifth highest-grossing baseball movie of all time and earned three Oscar nominations including the best picture category. MLB also held a game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox in 2021 at the movie site. One of the most famous lines from the movie involves Liotta asking Costner if the field that they play on is heaven.

Liotta often spoke about the effect the film had following its release in 1989. He described how the movie is truly about a father and son relationship, and how emotional the movie was for so many people. In 2009, Liotta had this to say about the film to the American Film Institute. “I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and say because of [‘Field of Dreams’], they play with their kids more. You know? That time goes, and you’re busy working, and before you know it, time’s up.” Liotta is survived by his fiancé Jacy Nittolo and daughter Karsen.

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