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MLB The Show 20 is for the People

MLB The Show

MLB The Show is one of the most popular games in the world. This year’s installment is the final year of exclusive play on the Playstation 4, as it will be available on the Next Gen Xbox starting next year. With the community growing ever so large, it’s important to have leaders in that community. One of those leaders is “YourFriendKyle“, a top player in the world and a stop streamer/content creator in The Show community. I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing him on Saturday. Let’s see what he had to say about the community.

Q&A with YourFriendKyle

DL:  Kyle! How are we doing man?

YFK: I’m doing good man. I’m just preparing for a big weekend with Dan “Shelfy” Robinson, Tim “Koogs” Koogler, and Samuel Adams!

DL: That’s awesome man. I cannot wait to see that content, but before we get to that, I got some other questions for you man.

YFK: Alright, shoot.

DL: How long have you been playing MLB The Show?

YFK: I’ve been playing since 2006, when David Ortiz was the cover athlete. I started playing competitively in 2012.

DL: What made you want to get into playing The Show?

YFK: I played baseball my whole life and I enjoyed video games, so it was only natural I starting playing MLB The Show. I didn’t start streaming until I got recognized as a top player. It was then that I was advised to start streaming and making content. Those two things are something I really enjoy doing.

DL: Okay, so growing up as a baseball player, whom did you idolize in the MLB?

YFK: Growing up in the Bay Area, I was a Giants fan. Although I was, and still am, a Giants fan, I idolized and was obsessed with Vladimir Guerrero. I also loved Derek Jeter for his leadership as well.

The Show Community 

DL: So in terms of MLB The Show, where do you think you rank all-time?

YFK: I believe if you look at my total resume as a player, I would say #2. When I consistently play Ranked Season in Diamond Dynasty, I’m ranked #2. Although I’m #2, I’m by far the player who’s won the most money in wagers and tournaments.

DL: You’re now an avid streamer and content creator. What do you love most about those streams and videos?

YFK: I love my crowd. Every single one of them. A lot of my supporters have been with me from the jump. They all share the same humor as me so it makes it easy to hang with them. It doesn’t matter if I hop on stream and play MLB or Fortnite, they’re always down to hang and I love that.

DL: What do you love most about MLB The Show’s community?

YFK: I love the generosity of this community. You have guys that come into streams, and spend their own money to help these top players out. Everybody helps everybody in this community and it’s incredible. I always try to keep my streams light and in a good mood so people can escape the real life stressors. I love this community so much. The support for each other and the content creators has always been incredible.

DL: Alright man, one final question from me. If you marketed The Show and MLB for one day, what would you tell people to bring them into the community?

YFK: I would tell them this. No matter what you’ve been through..No matter what kind of person you are..There is a place for you in this community.


YourFriendKyle was a great person to interview. He has a busy schedule, so him making time to sit down and answer some questions was absolutely awesome. If you wanted anybody helping carry the torch for MLB The Show, look no further than YourFriendKyle.

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