Jace Bohrofen 2020 MLB Draft Profile

Jace Bohrofen

Jace Bohrofen is no stranger to the high-level world of baseball. Bohrofen’s brother is a Division I infielder and his dad spent a few years in the minor leagues. It is possible that this summer Bohrofen could carry on the family tradition as he has claimed the 93rd spot on MLB.com‘s draft prospect rankings. This 6’2’’, a 195-pound powerhouse of an outfielder is committed to the University of Oklahoma, that is if he doesn’t go pro this summer.


The demands of an outfielder are heavy, and Bohrofen handles it like a natural. His very advanced athletic abilities work in his favor defensively. Bohrofen is in the 96th percentile for the 60-yard dash at 6.59 seconds. This is 1.27 seconds better than his class average. A difference like this in speed is significant for an outfielder to have an effective contribution towards his team.

Just like his speed, his outfield velocity is exceptional at 93 MPH. This puts his OF velocity in the 98th percentile. Although Bohrofen has only been playing in the outfield since his freshman year of high school, his speed and arm strength show that he may be there for a while longer. 

Bohrofen has a strong right-handed throw in the outfield and a powerful left-handed swing at the plate. He is among some of the most unique with his left-handed swing, and that swing of his is one of the best amidst his class. Just like his defensive abilities, Bohrofen’s approach at the plate is natural.

His satisfying swing is executed at the perfect time with a simple trigger and little effort. Bohrofen has a good eye on the ball and has good discipline at the plate. This prospect has found his rhythm when it comes to batting. His near-perfect batting execution results in a powerful swing that makes reliable contact. Bohrofen’s power grade is 62 and hitting grade is 65, according to Baseball Factory. For reference, MLB.com grades them above average at 55/80 and 50/80, respectively. 


Just like any baseball player, no matter what level, there is always room for improvement. Although Bohrofen’s fielding abilities are strong, the bat is his big draw right now. To make it as an outfielder, there needs to be a constant work towards improving one’s speed and throwing in many different situations. 

Since Bohrofen has only been playing in the outfield for four years, it is important that he continues to develop critical skills such as his footwork and reading the ball once it exits the bat. Like the saying goes, “you are your worst critic,” and he knows that speed is an area to that can help his defense. “One thing I want to do is work on my speed,” Bohrofen said.

Scouts say he has an outside chance of sticking in centerfield long term, but continuing to develop these skills will help him stay.

Jace Bohrofen’s approach at the plate is natural and with that comes his natural bat speed. However, bat speed is something that he could improve upon to better position himself in the game. As stated before, Bohrofen’s power grade is above average. However, he has not fully tapped into his power potential yet. Therefore, an increased bat speed would compliment his easy mechanical swing, and help him better develop his power.

It is also worth mentioning potential issues regarding his signability. His commitment to Oklahoma has family ties as his father played there and that is the school his brother currently plays at.

MLB Comp

Michael Brantley and Jace Bohrofen are comparable in terms of their build. Both are athletically built with a strong foundation. Brantley, like Bohrofen, bats left-handed. With an average exit velocity of 89, Brantley can drive the ball well. He hit a lot of extra base hits in 2019, including a career-high 22 home runs. Scouts feel Bohrofen can reach that threshold of power. Overall, Brantley has a 49.9% zone percentage. Similarly, Bohrofen has a good eye at the plate but it aggressive as well.

Dexter Fowler is also a MLB player who is comparable to Jace Bohrofen. Fowler was a centerfielder who has been transitioning to right field over the past few seasons, and there is a possibility that Bohrofen winds up there if he does not stick in center field. Fowler throws right and is a switch hitter. He is an average contributor to the St. Louis Cardinals with a good arm, decent power, and a batting average of .260. Fowler is a strong competitor, just like Jace Bohrofen.

Bohrofen can develop into a well-rounded MLB player if all goes well. If not, he still has an attractive bat that should play at the next level.

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