Results of COVID-19 Antibody Study Released

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MLB Results From Coronavirus Anti-Body Test

Today, the results of the COVID-19 antibody study that MLB participated in were released. Jeff Passan of ESPN had the news first on Twitter.

As Passan stated in his article, in total “sixty of the 5,754 [studied]” showed some combination of COVID-19 antibodies. As Passan noted in his tweet, those results were lower than anticipated. That could potentially be good news in correlation to when the season starts. However, MLB has also made it known that they aren’t going to weigh the results that heavily in their final decision.

Regardless, it could give scientists and the MLB alike a glimpse into the patterns of COVID-19. While it won’t help to dictate how the disease will progress in major cities where MLB teams play, it is good evidence and data to have. All of this comes, as the MLB is expected to present a plan to the MLB Players Association for the 2020 season this week.

Background of the COVID-19 Study Itself

Details regarding the study were originally released nearly a month ago. At that time, it was reported that 26 of the 30 MLB teams would be taking part. It was announced that Stanford University was the driving force behind it. According to Jeff Passan, the study sent teams approximately “10,000 test kits”.

Additionally, the entire goal of the study was to find out which individuals around the MLB might have contracted COVID-19 but was asymptomatic. Based on the findings of the study, Passan reported that “70% of those were tested positive” fell into the asymptomatic category.

As more and more details have come out about COVID-19, an emphasis has been placed on the antibodies of the disease. Scientists are attempting to find a correlation between those antibodies and how the disease progresses. Of course, this study doesn’t answer all of the questions. Furthermore, it provides a blueprint for MLB, but isn’t the end all, be all either.

One other important note is that the study has yet to be peer reviewed. The hope is that it occurs soon.

Final Thoughts

In the end, this antibody study is another example of how MLB is attempting to collect data regarding COVID-19. With the expected plan coming this week, only time will tell when or if the 2020 regular season will occur. With plenty of consultation from public health officials, a decision regarding that will hopefully come over the next few weeks.

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