Chaim Bloom Named Head of Baseball Operations by Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

Chaim Bloom Named Head of Baseball Operations by Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox have concluded perhaps the quietest search for a front office leader in some time. According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, the Red Sox have found their new head of baseball operations in Chaim Bloom. Bloom will be leaving his position as the Tampa Bay Rays‘ senior vice president of baseball operations. He will now run the baseball operations department for the division-rival Red Sox.

Bloom, 36, is expected to take on a new title as chief baseball officer for the Red Sox. He will have some tough waters to wade through while succeeding the successful tenure of Dave Dombrowski. In 2019, the Red Sox had a very underwhelming year. As a result, ownership decided it was time for a change at a pivotal time for the team. There will be some tough decisions to make for Bloom, regarding players like Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez, as well as a farm system that needs an overhaul.

The Fit

The long-time Rays executive seems to be the right man for the job. He had been with the innovative Tampa Bay Rays organization since 2005. He worked his way up the ladder and was serving as the senior vice president of baseball operations before the Red Sox called him. Bloom was instrumental in building Rays teams that have had success this decade — all while maintaining a low payroll. He is known for his ability to develop pitchers and is someone at the forefront of creating the opener. The Rays employed the opener to much success this year, which was a pivotal reason why they were one win away from the ALCS.

Red Sox ownership dictated at the end of the season that there would be payroll cuts. Bloom seems to have the chops to be able to work within a confined budget while still producing a winner, which Boston fans look for and expect every year. Bloom is not afraid to make trades and will likely get his hands dirty right away with a to-do list that is staggering for a team coming off of an underwhelming season.

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  1. It came down to pitching for the 2019 Bosox. Betts was a little off, but still great. Martinez the same. Bogaerts was fantastic, Devers exploded into stardom, and Vazquez was outstanding, Holt was dependable, actually a little surprising, Chavis was exciting and Bradley was his usual hitless wonder. So the everyday players were solid, it was the pitching. At one point the bullpen had blown 25 saves. If those had been wins Boston would have been in first place by 5 games. Price and Sale should have returned their checks. Eovaldi returned almost nothing for his contract but in all fairness, he was hurt almost the entire year. Pedroia is badly needed but probably through. Help in the bullpen and a return to form of Sale, a good year from Eovaldi and Cashner and the addition of one more starter and we may look good again. I thought Cora did a good job considering nothing went right for him. Goodby to Porcello, Price, Pearce and three-fourths of the bullpen. Probably goodby to superstar Mookie. Moreland is most likely gone, but if he stays he will be steady. We may be 15 games better, and we may be 15 games worse. Scary times ahead. Time will tell.

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