Dodgers Promote Coach Petie Montero to Tulsa

Pedro Montero has been promoted by the Los Angeles Dodgers organization from Rancho Cucamonga to Double-A Tulsa. Petie, as he is better known by his peers will remain in the same role this year as in 2018 with the Quakes. Petie will serve as the Bench Coach for the Drillers. Everyone who puts on the uniform, strives to be in the big leagues one day. Coaches are no exception to this. Prior to the 2017 season, the instructor was fighting fires and saving lives as a firefighter in the Los Angeles area.

Given the opportunity to speak with Montero, the question of how he recieved the news was presented. Coach responded, “I was in instructional league when Brandon Gomes came up to me and we were at the cages on the major league side at Camelback Ranch. He (Gomes) said “I just wanted to let you know that you will be going to Double-A to be the Bench Coach”.” Excellent news to hear from your boss.

“Especially with the history of this organization and wearing the same uniform Reggie (Smith) once wore. I know how important the Dodger way is!” ~ Petie Montero

2018 Cal League Champ

The Quakes had a terrific season in the Advanced-A Cal League in 2018. When speaking of the championship campaign, Montero quipped, “I am still pumped!” Petie continued, “What an amazing run we had. What a great group of guys to be around the entire year. Especially with the coaching staff, I learned a ton from all of those guys that helped with my preparation for the teams we were playing to see how we were attacking the opponent.” Montero, who coached first base during offense, was in charge of defensive charts, positioning of defenders and uniquely energenic handshakes for Rancho. His communication skills are so effective that he is able to accomplish it in two languages.

“Every year is different. You need to be ready for what is in front of you. The one thing I will say, I know what it is like to be in the position where you are struggling and when things are going right. Also everything in between that. So I have gained experience that I will be able to apply in whatever situation we are in going forward.” Developing champions on and off the field has certainly been engrained in Coach Montero from long ago. Back to the old “Dodger Way.”

Rooted in the Dodger Way

Reggie Smith and Petie Montero have been together in the cages for countless hours. Talking hitting and baseball, and the why’s of everything. Reggie Smith, Dodger legend talked about Petie in this way, “he was always wanting to know the why, not just the how.” They have shared car rides, when, as Reggie explained, “For a time my wife was using our family car, Petie would drive over and pick me up early in the morning and we would spend time talking hitting over coffee.” Young Petie Montero was learning baseball from Reggie Smith, who had been counseled on hitting, by Ted Williams. Yes, that Ted Williams!

Coach Montero spoke of the conversation with his mentor, “When I told Reggie he was very excited and said that he was proud of me. He knew that I would be able to handle coaching at the next level and said that I have spent countless hours preparing for this opportunity.”

Petie Montero – Drillers New Bench Coach

“Very excited to continue learning new things, especially on the analytical side that I can bring to our players and staff to continue our preparation and growth. It is still amazing to be able to wear the hometown jersey that I grew up being a fan of. Especially with the history of this organization and wearing the same uniform Reggie once wore. I know how important the Dodger way is!!!”

If you want to learn more about Petie Montero, watch the video below for his background in relation to Colorado Rockies prospect, Roberto Ramos. A story that is not only insipiring, but also a true testimony to Petie’s heart. Coach Montero makes it real easy to root for him!

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