2018 Baseball Hall of Fame Class: Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome, and Trevor Hoffman

The Baseball Writers of America Association has announced tha the 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame class will be Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome, and Trevor Hoffman.

Jones got in with 92.2% of the vote, Guerrero wound up with 92.9%, Thome with 89.8, and Hoffman with 79.9%

Jones and Thome were elected in their first years of eligibility; Hoffman was on his third ballot, and Guerrero got in on his second try.

2018 Baseball Hall of Fame Class: Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome, and Trevor Hoffman

Jones, the 1999 NL MVP, played 19 seasons, all of them with the Atlanta Braves.  Acknowledged as one of the top third-basemen and switch-hitters of all-time, Jones was an eight-time All-Star and constant postseason performer, playing games in 12 postseasons.  Jones will be the 16th primary third-baseman in the Hall, and sixth to enter on his first ballot.

Last year, Guerrero came up fifth on the writers ballot, with a 71.7 percentage.  The 2004 AL MVP was a nine-time All-Star and an eight-time winner of an outfield Silver Slugger Award. He finished his career with over 2,500 hits and 449 career home runs.

Thome, who’s 612 lifetime home runs has him currently eighth all-time, slugged his way through 22 seasons, 13 as a member of the Cleveland Indians.  Thome was a five-time All-Star, as well as the 1996 AL Silver Slugger Award winner at third-base.

Hoffman, who’s 601 saves ranks second all-time behind Mariano Rivera, had nine seasons of 40 or more saves, including 53 in 1998. He was a seven time All-Star, and had the NL Reliever of the Year Award named in his honor.  Last year, he came up fourth, just below the 75% cutoff, with 74%.

Edgar Martinez, on his ninth and second-to-last shot at the writer’s ballot, wound up the closest without getting in, at 70.4%. Mike Mussina inched closer to a potential call, with 63.5% on his sixth try on the ballot.

The controversial PED duo of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds still linger on the ballot, with 57.3% and 56.4%, respectively, and Curt Schilling rounded out those getting 50% or more with 51.2%. All three were on their sixth ballot.

Needing 5% to stay on for 2019 and beyond means first timers Omar Vizquel (37%), Scott Rolen (10.2%), and Andruw Jones (7.3%) will continue on. Jamie Moyer, Johan Santana (both at 2.4%), Johnny Damon (1.9%), Hideki Matsui (0.9%), Chris Carpenter (0.5%), Kerry Wood (0.5%), Livan Hernandez (0.2%), and Carlos Lee (0.2%) will not. Orlando Hudson, Aubrey Huff, Jason Isringhausen, Brad Lidge, Kevin Millwood, and Carlos Zambrano all recieved zero votes.

The rest of the BBWAA voting results can be found here.

The four will join Modern Baseball Era Veterans Committee inductees Alan Trammell and Jack Morris, as well as Frick Award Winner Bob Costas and Spink Award Winner Sheldon Ocker on Induction Day in Cooperstown, New York on July 30.

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