Glen Perkins: A Hometown Hero

Drafted 22nd overall in the 2004 MLB Draft, Glen Perkins immediately became a favorite in Twins Territory. Coming out of the University of Minnesota, Perkins was set to come in as the closer for the Twins. And he’s done that wonderfully. But now, with his future with the Twins, and his career, in question, he could be leaving behind a prosperous career. If this was his last game at Target Field, Perkins will leave behind a great legacy for the Minnesota Twins.

Active in the Community

One of the things that Perkins prides himself on is getting active in the Twin Cities community. He was a nominee in 2014 to receive the Branch Rickey Award, an award that recognizes community service. One of his most popular events is “Fifteen’s 5K”, a race benefiting the PrairieCare Child & Family Fund which deals with psychiatric care. Other charities Perkins run include Lefty’s Dunkers, a fishing tournament for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and a community ticket program called “Perk’s Pen”. Kids from around the Twin Cities idolize Perkins, and their parents do too. Perkins has done good work for the community since his call up to the majors in 2006. With tons of events he has sponsored, appeared at, or started, he has made a lasting impact in Minnesota.

Career Highlights

His career as a whole will be looked at, but to start, Perkins has some impressive accomplishments on his resume. His statistics for his career include a 3.88 ERA with 504 strikeouts and 120 saves. He has spent his full 12 year career with the Twins, the second longest tenured Twin only behind Joe Mauer. Perkins was on the All-Star team for the American League from 2013-2015.

Overall Career

Now Perkins stats may be quite impressive, but it makes it all the more impressive that this was done in 624 innings. Perkins didn’t truly take over the closing role for the Twins until 2012 where he had 16 saves in 70 appearances. His true closer dominance took over the following year in 2013 where he had 36 saves in 61 appearances. In Perkins career with the Twins, it’s been a rough ride as far as postseason goes. The last time before this year that the Twins made the playoffs was 2010, and even then Perkins didn’t have much use. He was used in the Twins 2006 playoff run against the Oakland Athletics in the ALDS.

The “Final” Moment

When Glen Perkins came onto the mound during that game against the Detroit Tigers, there’s a chance he already knew what his decision would be. This theory gained quite a bit of steam as he asked Kennys Vargas for the ball after the game. Even on the mound it was clear that Perkins was emotional. This emotion carried over into the media session after the game, where his teammates praised him for everything he’s done. Perkins is beloved by his teammates, the Twin Cities community, and Twins fans alike. Perkins will go down as one of the best Twins closers in the team’s long history. The love Perkins received from everyone in Twins Territory was genuine, and well deserved. For all of Twins fans, thank you Glen. For everything you’ve done.

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