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New York Yankees 2016 Offseason Needs

The New York Yankees are a team going through a rebuilding stage. This process was put into motion at the 2016 trade deadline, when they dealt away some of their key players. Players traded included Andrew Miller, Aroldis Chapman, Ivan Nova, and Carlos Beltran. With the fire sale past them, the Yankees have work to do this offseason to fortify their rebuilding efforts.

New York Yankees 2016 Offseason Needs

Trade Away the Veterans 

While the Yankees did already deal away a bevy of players, multiple veterans still remain on their roster, including catcher Brian McCann and outfielder Brett Gardner. Both McCann and Gardner have received diminished and unclear roles. McCann is currently the number two catcher behind rookie phenom Gary Sanchez, who’s not coming out of the lineup for anyone; his arrival makes McCann’s departure inevitable, and the Washington Nationals would be a great trade partner.

The Nationals could offer the Yankees veteran southpaw Gio Gonzalez in return for McCann. While not the stellar arm he once was, Gonzalez can get through innings, and is still serviceable. On the other hand, McCann would give the Nationals a temporary replacement for catcher Wilson Ramos, and would provide a power lefty bat. As for Gardner, the Texas Rangers would be a great fit.

Carlos Gomez, Beltran, and Ian Desmond are all hitting the open market this winter, leaving the Rangers in need of outfield help; Gardner would be a welcome addition. While not the speed demon he once was, Gardner can get on base and is a great fielder. In a potential deal, the Yankees could ask for first baseman Joey Gallo, who has showed some potential, but has been in and out of the majors. Gallo could add to what already is a great Yankee farm system.

Trading away their veterans is a necessity for this Yankee team, but it’s also imperative that they rebuild what was a great bullpen.

Remodeling the Bullpen

When the Yankees traded away both Chapman and Miller, they created holes in their bullpen. They had aspirations of reliever Dellin Betances stepping in and becoming the full time closer, but he struggled immensely. As a result, the Yankees need to sign one of the premier closers on the free agent market.

Headlined by Aroldis Chapman, the reliever market is filled with talent; however, the notion that Chapman would return to the team who traded him is unlikely, so the Yankees should look at Los Angeles Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen and Nationals closer Mark Melancon. Jansen and Melancon are both top-five relievers, so they will have a bevy of teams trying to pry them away from their respected teams; however, the Yankees have money to spend, and their lackluster second half bullpen should be motivation for them to spend big bucks on a reliever.

Don’t Overspend in a Weak Free Agent Market

While it’s imperative that the Yankees shell out for a reliever, they can’t overspend at other positions. In what is a very weak free agent class outside of the reliever market, the Yankees can’t make unnecessary moves, like giving Edwin Encarnacion a seven-year mega deal. While a force at the plate, Encarnacion is a player who only a team in a contention should be spending big money on, not a team like the Yankees. Another panic move the Yankees could make would be signing New York Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes to a long term deal. Like Encarnacion, Cespedes is a player who only a contending team should be going all in on.

Both Encarnacion and Cespedes are high profile players who would benefit any team that they’re on, but with what is a very weak free agent class, players such as these two will be immensely overpaid. They’re good players, but the Yankees can’t be the team to give them that massive deal; they must refrain from signing players to massive contracts, and focus on developing their youth.

The New York Yankees are a team in rebuilding mode. As a result, they need to trade away the veterans that remain, sign an elite reliever, and not spend big when it comes to high profile free agents.

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