The Top Six Most Expensive Sports in the World 

Six Most Expensive Sports
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Sports are an excellent way to boost your health and fitness. It allows you to maintain physical fitness and amp up your day like no other. But we often tend to indulge in the same long-drawn sports we have played all our lives. Cricket, badminton, tennis, and football are the most common ones.

But did you know that there are many other sports aside from that too? Did you know that there are many expensive sports too in the world that people love to play? Well, if you don’t have a clue about them, this article is right here to help you. We promise you; these sports that we will mention in this article are as good as playing at True Blue online casino Australia. So, could you stay with us until the end? 

The Top Six Most Expensive Sports in the World


Amidst all the expensive sports in the world, Pentathlon is the most unique. The Pentathlon is exciting and is full of variational events. It consists of fencing, shooting, swimming, and show jumping. Running is also an essential part of Pentathlon. Each participant is required to hire five different trainers and purchase entirely different gears for each event. Also, the participants need to buy a horse and maintain it for show jumping. As such, horses can be costly, and keeping them is even worse. 

Pentathlon is famous across many parts of the country today. Only a simple logic is used to play the game, and the participant can be sure to enjoy every moment of it. Here are some mind-boggling benefits that you can look at if you want to play Pentathlon.

  • Sharpens awareness;
  • Brings out the best in you;
  • Builds incredible consistency;
  • Motivates you for the long run;
  • Teaches you to bring excellent results quickly.


Generally, this game is played during the winter Olympics, but only a few people can turn this dream into reality for themselves. The issue with playing this game is that the Bobsleigh costs nearly $25,000. Even if you plan to make your bobsleigh track, it will end up costing you millions of dollars. Apart from that, it is also quite challenging to get your hands on a potential trainer for this game as only a few people know how to play it. 

Due to this limitation of rainers, it is pretty expensive to be a participant in this game. But what is even more fascinating is that it is a team sport and may require a lot of teamwork. But on the bright side, this could help the team divide the costs and make it a bit more affordable. Here are some benefits of Bobsledding that you might want to look at:

  • Improves your strength capacity;
  • Leaves your core muscles stronger;
  • Involves a lot of leg work. So leg strength is inevitable. 
  • It also helps you strengthen your abdominal muscles. 

Hot Air Balloon Racing 

Most of us have seen this sport on television, and we all wondered when we could do it for ourselves. But, you need to spend around $20,000, and to inflate the balloon, you may have to pay another $9,000. If that is not enough, getting a pilot license will cost you $3,000 extra. 

So if you can spend a fortune as much as a hot air balloon racing needs, you may be able to be a part of it without any hindrance. But if you do not have enough for it, we might recommend replacing the idea with playing online casinos and indulging in free pokies. At least you will be able to earn a profit here rather than needing to spend a fortune. Nevertheless, here are some benefits of hot air balloon racing that you might want to look at:

  • Improves your energy;
  • Produces a higher level of serotonin;
  • Gives you the exposure of experiencing fresher air; 
  • Makes you feel uplifted.

Ski Jumping 

Although ski jumping is common in many parts of the globe, the professional level of ski jumping can be costly. It may also require permanent fixtures on many expensive sports we have mentioned here. But if it already seems like too much, you might want to know that the jumping slope, skiing equipment, and coach may have yearly expenses that may go up to $100,000. Naturally, for most people, the sport is highly unaffordable. In such a case, it is a good practice to get the assistance of sponsors and make it even better for you. This way, you can transform your dream into reality without any worries. However, here are some potential benefits of ski jumping that you might want to look at: 

  • Helps improve mobility;
  • Improves your motor skills;
  • Promotes better muscles;
  • Works as a great distraction.


For several centuries, polo has been a favourite sport among many Britishers. It is a horseback ball game where two opposing teams with the aim of scoring with a long-handled wooden mallet play the game. Anyone who can hit a small hard ball through the opposing team’s goal is the winner. This traditional game is known as the sports of Kings and makes everyone come back for more. You are more likely to see people play this game in teams of four and three. A polo pony, mallet, ball, and protective wear are essential equipment one needs during the game. Anyway, here are some crucial benefits of playing polo that you might want to look at:

  • Improves balance and coordination;
  • Encourages better motor function;
  • Has a beneficial effect on hand-eye coordination;
  • Helps promote better cardiovascular health;
  • Fosters muscle conditioning.


In this sport, you must maintain a thoroughbred horse, purchase them, and train them. We already know how expensive horses can be. Naturally, the costs may go up to $200,000 each year. That is why it is regarded as one of the most significantly expensive sports in the world. Most people who are rich and arrogant are known to play it with their opponents. In this game, dressing, showjumping, and eventing are every day. Since this game also involves the horse’s power, it is significant for the horse to be equipped with good winning skills. That is why the horse needs thorough training without any issue. However, here are some of the most essential benefits to look at:

  • Helps you burn calories;
  • Improves your mental health;
  • Strengthens your core;
  • Stimulates better breathing;
  • Improves your reactions;
  • Energises you for the future.

So, why keep waiting? If you think you can afford these sports, do not forget to indulge in them. After all, they provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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