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AFC Team Will Reportedly “Mortgage Future” For A Franchise Quarterback

Sean Payton is running out of time in Denver, and he needs to find his franchise guy to carry them over the hump at all costs
Broncos Mortgage Future

The Denver Broncos have been bottom-feeders in the AFC since Peyton Manning retired. They’ve been through multiple failed head coaches and quarterbacks since. Now Super Bowl-winning head coach Sean Payton looks to change that.

Broncos Reportedly Would “Mortgage Future” To Move Up

According to a report by Tony Pauline of Sportskeeda, the Broncos don’t seem to at all be happy in their situation. They lack picks to make a huge move with just their future picks. The Report states,

“Why is that relevant for the upcoming draft? Sources tell me losing out on Mahomes has left an eternal bad taste in the mouth of Payton. Recent word inside the league is that the Broncos coach is ready to mortgage the franchise’s future to move up and select a quarterback Thursday night,”

The bad taste referenced in this report is about when Payton got passed by the Chiefs in 2018 getting to pick ahead of Payton’s Saints. This pick would be used to draft a quarterback by the name of Patrick Mahomes. So Payton would like to try and be on the other end and move up to draft his franchise guy to turn the Broncos around.

Who could he use as bait? Well, that was also mentioned in the report as all-pro cornerback Pat Surtain II could be dangled. Pauline says in her report that

“Once again, there’s talk the Broncos will dangle Patrick Surtain II as part of a package to trade up for a quarterback. That’s something I initialy reported from the Shrine Bowl with the help of longtime friend and Broncos reporter Cecil Lammey,”

Surtain is a baller and would make any team he goes to is one of the best secondaries in the league. The best trade partners now would be the Arizona Cardinals who possess the fourth overall pick. They have remained open to trade throughout the offseason, and the Broncos are now fully involved in the trade market.

Which Quarterback Is Payton Rumored To Want

According to Pauline Michigan Wolverines quarterback JJ McCarthy is who Payton has his eyes set on if he moved up. He respects the pedigree that McCarthy has being a national champion and doing it at 21 is incredible. McCarthy has incredible potential and any NFL team would be beyond lucky to develop him Payton is a known quarterback whisperer so it would be a match made in heaven.

What Other Quarterback Options For Payton

Bo Nix is the easy answer if the Broncos can’t move up. Nix is extremely talented and has the grit to be a Sean Payton quarterback. Michael Penix Jr and Spencer Rattler are also options to be the next Broncos quarterback as they also have some grit and potential to be good NFL quarterbacks. These three quarterbacks would be the best fits if the Broncos can’t trade up.

Making a move up the board could end up being essential for the Broncos to contend soon. As of now, their quarterback room looks like Zach Wilson and Jarett Stidham. Having one of the worst quarterback rooms in the NFL drafting competition is essential.


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