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Beginner’s Guide to Daily Fantasy Football

Daily Fantasy Football

Ready to get started with Daily Fantasy Football but not sure how to start? You’ve come to the right place. Fantasy football is how the football community interact with their favorite teams and players.

It’s also how some people make extra money on the weekends. So, what is it and how do you get started?

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football is a type of competition that lets you play the role of a football General Manager, coach and owner. You draft new players, waive off others, create lineups and adjust your budget accordingly.

Each week, you compete with your friends, family and the general football fanbase on drafting the best team in the league. Leagues tend to be small: they consist of 14 to 16 players. The objective is to lead your league weekly for the fun of it or to win rewards.

To be clear, Fantasy Football in the UK works differently compared to the US. In the UK, the Premier League brings together over 10 million fans from the world.

Players can create and join local and international leagues made up of a few teammates or thousands of competitors. Read more on You’ll also discover the best daily fantasy sites to play and win real money rewards in the UK.

Fantasy Football Leagues

At the start of every NFL season, fantasy football fans have the choice to join one of these Fantasy Football leagues:

Redraft League

With this league type, you get a chance to draft a new team every season. Unsurprisingly, most people participate in redraft leagues. That’s because they draft entire teams from the grounds up every season. What’s more, they have the flexibility to add new members while others can leave as they wish.

Keeper Leagues

If you’re planning to build a Fantasy Football team that could dominate for multiple years, then join a Keepers league. Every season, you have to retain at least two players from the previous season.

But you could also bring in new talent and waive off others to improve your prospects in the new season. The biggest benefit of keepers’ leagues is that you can draft upcoming talents and watch them bring results for your team over time.

Dynasty Leagues

Dynasty Leagues are for the ultimate football fans. They are the leagues you should join if you want to build a team for the ages. It’s like running your own franchise. Every season you need to determine whether to find new potential stars or to bring in established players.

DFS Leagues

These days, DFS leagues are overtaking traditional leagues in popularity for one major reason. They involve short-term competitions consisting of close friends and family members. People prefer to compete with people they know, anyway. DFS leagues use the same format as other leagues, though. The goal is to score points by drafting the best-performing team every week. Depending on the DFS website, though,

Playoff Leagues

Fantasy Football is meant to mirror real-world football. As such, the fun doesn’t end after the regular season. You can join a playoff league and draft a franchise based on players you believe will have the most impact in the postseason.

Playoff leagues are a tad complicated, though. First, the goal is to accumulate the most points. Second, you earn points only if a player advances in the next round. There’s no option to add or drop a player mid the postseason.

League Formats and Roster Configurations

Drafting players can be random or methodical. Usually, most leagues prefer to give everyone a fair chance. If you pick the first player in round one, you’ll have the last draft pick in round two.

Another way to add players to your franchise is through an auction. Every franchise gets an equal amount of money before the auction. Then, you take turns bidding for different players.

How many players do you get?

 One quarterback
 Two running backs
 Three wide receivers
 One kicker
 One defensivee player
 One tight end

The exact roster configuration varies across DFS betting sites. Some apps allow you to pick two quarterbacks and to have up to eight players on your bench. Additionally, some leagues include a wild card—Superflex—option. You use it to introduce a new QB, RB, WR or any other position you think needs some help.

Fantasy Football Scores

The objective of Fantasy Football is to accumulate points. So, how many points do players earn? It depends on the format being used.

The standard scoring points awards players as follows:

 One point for 25 passing yards.
 Four points for a passing touchdown
 One point for 10 rushing or receiving touchdowns
 Two points for an interception

Additionally, your players earn three, four or five points for a field goal of between 0 to 50+ yards. In some leagues, every reception equals half or one full point. On the other hand, your players could earn bonus points for special achievement, say three points for completing 300 yards.

Still, there are leagues that award more points to defenders than offensive players. Essentially, you draft a franchise based on a player’s defensive qualities. You earn points for fumbles, interceptions, passes and tackles.

Free versus Money Leagues

Fantasy Football started off as a way to have fun cheering your favourite franchises and players. Over time, competitions turned into money-making opportunities to millions of Americans.

Free DFS leagues are great for newbies and people with no plans to invest a lot of time to the sport. But if you have the time and interest in making money from Fantasy Football, then learn about cash games and guaranteed prize pools (GGP).

These are the two main ways people make money from Fantasy Football. Cash Games pay the top half the same amounts of money. If you’re 20 players in a league and there’s a pool of $2000, the top ten players walk away with $200 each. The remaining half earn nothing. GGP tournaments are much more challenging. Only the top 20% get a guaranteed payout.


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