The Top 5 Earners of the PGA Tour 2020-2021

The PGA Tour 2020-2021 is currently in progress, but while many are excited about the outcome of the games, some fans are busy talking about the tournament’s top earners. In Golf, the player’s earnings are based on their performance. The more they perform better, the more they’re likely to earn significant amounts.

The golfer’s revenue equates to their performance in a particular tournament or their rank when finishing the tournament. If you’re curious about who’s dominating the list, here are the top five earners in this season of the PGA Tour.

Dustin Johnson

The highest money earner in the PGA Tour 2020-2021 is Dustin Johnson, who currently has $3,117,040. Johnson has been the most dominant player in the 2019-2020 Tour, where he also won the championship.

Although he was not the money leader last season, all of his hard work paid off in the current season, landing the number one spot in the money leader list. His win in the 2020 tour amounted to $2,070,000, which placed him in the $70,000,000 money milestone.

Johnson is the fifth golfer to exceed the mark on the career earnings. He currently has total earnings of $70,710,215. One spot ahead of him is Vijay Singh, who earns $71,236,216, while Tiger Woods remains the highest earner in golfing history with $120,851,706.

Bryson DeChambeau

DeChambeau landed in the second spot, earning $2,502,850. He was the champion of the U.S. Open and had his highest earnings in 2018, with $8,094,489. DeChambeau still has a long way to go and many chances to double his current earning with the upcoming golfing event lining up this season.

DeChambeau stunned everyone when he finished the tournament with a 6-under 274 score. He was ahead of the rest of the competitors, including Wolff, Schaufele, and Oosthuizen. DeChambeau and Wolff are the ones who had the closest fight in the tournament.

The 27-year-old golfer has earned a total of $21,075,741 in his entire PGA Career. DeChambeau is doing his best to become the top-performing golfer in his time by looking after his health and physique, following a strict diet to help him perform his best.

Jason Kokrak

Ranked number three among the highest earners this season is Jason Kokrak, with $2,008,789 under his name. Kokrak has played six events this season that earned him his money. Kokrak won the C.J. Cup at the Shadow Creek this year.

It was his first PGA Tour victory since he entered the league. Kokrak secured the $1,755,00 share of the $9,700,000 spot in the tournament. Next to Korak is Xander Schauffele, and third-place was tied by Russell Henley and Tyrell Hatton.

Jason Krokrak earned a total of $14,987,610 in his PGA career. He started in 2007 and earned zero dollars in that year and the year 2011. The highest earnings he got was in 2019, where he took home $2,330,212.

Matthew Wolff

Wolff is just one rank below Kokrak with a total of $2,007,135. He played five events this season, generating a total point of 585. Wolff won the 3M Open in 2019, which is one of his golfing career highlights.

It was his first and only victory in the PGA Tour. The next achievement for him is to be second in the U.S. Open this year. Fortunately for him, he still has the rest of the season to achieve more victories and improve his earnings.

Three years in the PGA Tour, Wolff already earned a total of $5,621,916, where his highest earned was $2,224,348 last season. Entering a total of 34 events in the PGA since 2019, he already earned a significant amount.

Patrick Cantlay

Patrick Cantlay earned $1,888,835 in the five events he played this season, winning the ZOZO Championship this year. The ZOZO Cup is the third win he achieved in the PGA Tour. The other two were the Memorial Tournament in 2019 and Shriners Hospital for Children Open in 2017.

He went from zero to 1.8Million dollars this year. The highest earnings in his PGA Tour career is $3,963,962, which he earned in 2018. Cantlay has already earned a total of $16,229,852 in his PGA Tour golfing career since 2011.

Betting on the Top Earners

Looking at the PGA Tour’s money leaderboard will also help bettors identify the best performing player in the tournament. If you bet on a SPORTSBOOK, you can visit the updated money leaderboard this season to know who you should wager your money on.

Since earnings are based on a player’s performance, tour experience, number of events a player played, and various skill factors, it is best that you also look into these numbers before you wager.


The numbers in the money leaderboard for the PGA Tour indicates who dominated the tournament this season. There is still time for these numbers to change as we are still halfway through the season, and there are still numerous events that can alter the money leaderboard. Just stay tuned and check for any updates regarding your favorite golf superstar.

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