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Top Quarterback Addresses Possibly Reuniting With College Coach

Jayden Daniels Talks Joining College Coach Antonio Pierce In Vegas

In a recent interview top quarterback prospect Jayden Daniels addresses former coach Antonio Pierce moving up to grab him in the draft. Jayden Daniels to the Raiders has been a realistic possibility since the end of the regular season. Antonio Pierce remains adamant that he wants to do whatever it takes to improve the roster even if it means trading away future picks.

Antonio Pierce was the defensive coordinator when Daniels was at Arizona State and they have remained close throughout the years. Pierce has brought in players he knows closely since being a head coach, such as stand-out corner Jack Jones.

Jayden Daniels Addresses Antonio Pierce Reunion In Vegas

In a recent interview on the Nightcap Show with Shannon Sharp and Chad Ochocinco, Daniels was asked on his opinion on being in Vegas.

I don’t know how they’re gonna pull it off,” But I mean that’s above my pay grade… A.P. just as a human being, he’s the right coach for that team. You know, just him and the intensity that he brings. He challenges people. He was challenging me at 18.

This isn’t a shock as many sources have reported that this rumor has some legitimacy behind it. Daniels makes it clear how much respect he has for Antonio Pierce and how he would love the chance to work with him. Again he does go on to say that he wants to be wherever he’s drafted and will love playing for that team.

“So I know if I was to go to the Raiders — I’m not saying I’m gonna go there or I wanna go there, I wanna go wherever my name is called — if I was to go to the Raiders, I know as soon as I step foot, he’s gonna challenge me.”

Respect is there from both men and they would be happy if it somehow ended up working out. Pierce isn’t the only Raider who has shown interest in Daniels. All Pro Receiver Davante Adams has also made some cryptic posts and comments. On March 27th Adams posted a picture of Daniels holding the Heisman with no context. He also said during a podcast that he could see Daniels has talent and could be a decent player immediately in this league.

What A Trade Could Look Like

To move up to the top of the draft from the middle will cost at least three first-round picks and more. The Commanders reportedly had a bad interview with Daniels so they could move back. The Patriots as well could decide they want to pass on a quarterback and roll with Jacoby Brissett. The Raider’s best hope at this point would be for one of the top three teams to skip on quarterback as the Cardinals have shown interest in a trade.

Is Daniels To The Raiders Realistic

It’s the NFL so nothing is impossible but the Raider’s new GM Tom Telesco would have to make magic happen. There is no doubt that the Raiders and Daniels both want this to work out but as of now, it’s unlikely it does. The NFL Draft is only a few days away and it’s time for teams to set draft boards so it’ll be interesting to see if the Raiders stay put or do everything they can to grab a top-three pick.

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